Do you need a wardrobe?

In order for the cabinet to fit you well, you need to understand its internal layout. We will give you some tips and advice. And do not forget also about the internal lighting of your cabinets, because, after all, do not dress in the dark.

Remember that the most frequently used things should always be in the closet at hand. Seasonal things you can put higher or deeper.
When buying a wardrobe, you should follow the basic rules and purchase from a trusted vendor or manufacturer on the site.

Fundamental rules

1. Daily used things (for example, underwear, etc.) are placed at a height of about 115 cm (we consider an average person's height 180 cm).

2. Hang seasonal clothes, coats and down jackets, for example, in the closet.

3. If the cabinet is deeper than 60-70 cm, you will be lost in it. In contrast, a cabinet with a depth of less than 40 cm is also impractical. The height of the cabinet should be the height of a person, but it is already very difficult to reach a height of more than 2.5 m. Only rarely used items (such as bedding) should be stored there.

4.Not only for men who wear a tie, wire suspension channels are very convenient. They are located on the inside of the cabinet door.

5. If you choose a cabinet with a mirror, then it must necessarily have a protective film!

6. If possible, avoid placing shoes in cabinets. The reason is obvious, strong smell from used shoes.


Do not forget about the interior lighting of the cabinet, which will help you navigate the stored things. Light sources are usually placed on the ceiling of a cabinet like spotlights. If you place a closet in the bedroom, then such lighting, moreover, will not interfere with those who, unlike you, may still be sleeping. You will not disturb anyone, and while dressing you can choose a dress.
Functional wardrobe

If you have an apartment in place, you have just enough space, and you choose a closet for the bedroom, with sliding doors that do not take up much space with their opening. Inside there should be a lot of space so that as many things as possible fit into the closet.

Removable shelves, drawers and special hangers for trousers or ties will help you make the most of the interior of the cabinet.A modern bedroom is currently, as a rule, also equipped with a private bathroom.

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