Work lying on the couch. Fiction or serious?


Today I would like to tell you about one curious thing I would say, the work that NASA is offering. Work lying on the couch. Yes, yes, you heard right, just like that!

NASA called it work for the sluggard.

The essence of the work lying on the couch is as follows:

A person must lie in bed for 70 days in special boxes in the space center itself.

The headboards at the functional bed should be lowered and the legs raised up. The test subject must lie down without ever getting up, and even rarely moving. Active movement will be possible only during tests that will monitor all parameters of the state of the body, its immune system and blood circulation.

During the entire period of the experiment, it is allowed to watch TV, use a computer. They will bring books, telephones and maybe some kind of small technique. But even going to the toilet and using the shower can only be lying in bed.

A little background:

The fact is that for more than 25 years NASA has been involved in a project to study the effects of micro gravity on humans, within which this experiment was created.

After all, on board the airship, it is this law that is in effect and scientists simply need to investigate all the possibilities of the physical body of a person in a state of weightlessness, and compare it with the ordinary state of a person.

It would seem that this is an ideal job lying on the couch, which many claimed. After all, the payment for such recumbent work would be no less than $ 10,000 more if the tested people reach the end. And this is still decent money, read for nothing. But not everything is so simple!

Such a constant lying position does not pass for an organism without consequences: the heart rhythm and breathing of a person slows down. Blood circulation increases to the upper body, i.e. to the head.

Due to the fact that the legs are slightly raised, all the fluid also flows to the head, resulting in the appearance of edema. Limbs are becoming weaker, there is a loss of calcium in the body and there are many unpleasant consequences of such work lying on the couch.

After such experiments on their health, the subject is entitled to a two-week rehabilitation course. And many doctors argue that during this time the human body is able to cope with the heavy load that has fallen to its share and must return to normal.

In my opinion, without any consequences, such an experiment may not work; what kind of health is it necessary to fully recover?

Well, adventurers and lazy people have such an adventure, I think it will be to your taste! At least, I would like to participate in experiments of such a global nature! And even more so many would like to earn some money.

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Work lying on the couch. Fiction or seriously 33

Work lying on the couch. Fiction or seriously 3

Work lying on the couch. Fiction or seriously 32

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