Work at height

If you need to place an advertising banner at a high altitude, professional industrial climbers will help you. This will help to do without attracting to the installation of special lifting equipment, which does not always have the opportunity to approach the desired object.

Qualified specialists will help to make installation of outdoor advertising at any height: the facade of the building, on the roofs of houses, various types of towers and pipes. They quickly and efficiently conduct high-altitude installation of advertising in those places where there is a high degree of high-altitude risk. And at any time of the day.

Industrial mountaineering technology allows you to quickly and safely carry out installation work without height restrictions. Advertising banner can be mounted on the frame. This will give a visual effect of volume, as it is mounted at some distance from the base. Or just mount on the shield. Also, the banner is stretched with eyelets. When conducting high-altitude installation work, installers will make all the necessary calculations that will ensure the reliability of the mounting of the advertising object.Take into account the coefficient of wind resistance, take into account the possible loads when exposed to wind.

To optimize the time for high-rise installation, it is necessary to calculate all the nuances that may complicate the work. After all, each type of advertising has its own characteristics of attachment. When installing a light box or bracket panels, the technical condition of the mounting base and its profile must be taken into account. The quality of the material from which the base is made. The presence of various components that will interfere with the installation process (air conditioner, antenna, surveillance cameras, etc.). These calculations directly determine the speed and quality of the high-rise installation of outdoor advertising, as well as the safety of the climbers themselves.

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