Wood stoves for heating a private house.

A private house requires that it be heated. And it is very important not only in the cold season. Sometimes summer evenings need to warm up. Then a wood stove will come to the rescue to heat the house. Especially if there is no gas in the village. In addition, they have always been distinguished by the maximum availability of fuel. Yes, and they cope with their task effectively.

Long-burning wood stoves for home heating

Such devices are able to maintain the heating of a private house for 8-10 hours. While the traditional wood-burning stove for the house requires that the fuel tossed every 2-3 hours. If during the day it is easy enough to keep track of this, then during the night it will have time to cool down.

Constructions that have an increased heat release cycle are called long burning furnaces. Conditions are created in them when it is not the gas that is loaded on the furnace itself that burns, but the gas released from it during smoldering.From this furnace got the name of gas generator. It should be noted that such a process is possible only with a full load of firewood in the combustion chamber. By the way, peat or cardboard can be used as fuel in them. For its task - the heating of a private house, it will cope in any case.

Finnish stoves for wood burning

They are immediately associated with a bath or sauna. But it turns out that Finnish stoves do quite well with the heating of a private house. Their design is similar to the traditional Russian. Large mass allows you to accumulate a lot of heat, which is gradually given to the room. Finnish wood stoves for heating a private house may vary in size. Those that cool less will be for 12 hours. And if the oven is large, then this time is stretched for a day.

The peculiarities of such structures include:

  • its material is heat-resistant steel or cast iron, which is coated with a special paint that can withstand heating up to 600 ° C; therefore, you can not be afraid that she will get down from the long work on heating the room;
  • it is possible to manufacture a Finnish stove from potted stone, which conducts heat much more efficiently than brick;
  • if it is made under a fireplace, then it has a quartz protective screen; he will not crack from the heat in the furnace;
  • around the door in the furnace there is a special sealant - ceramic cord, it creates the necessary tightness.

Wood-burning stoves for the house

They are modernized versions of the stoves of Soviet times. Usually it combines a small stove on which to cook food and a fireplace. The range of such devices is so wide that it can include an oven and a wood oven, an ashpit and a device for controlling the flow of air.

Wood-burning stoves are divided into two groups:

  • stationary, that is, those that will not move during operation;
  • mobile, giving them the opportunity to clean or rearrange at the request of the owner of a private house.

The latter is still simple in how to assemble and disassemble them.

They are also distinguished by location. They can be wall or corner, built-in or independent. The latter option is a kind of column that can be placed even in the center of the room.

Since they heat up during use, they contribute to the heating of the room in which they are located.

Woodburning stoves for the home

This is the case when technological solutions will improve the device, proven for centuries. After all, wood stoves for many centuries used for space heating. Modern stoves are very different from the old ones in how they look and are much smaller.

The most popular furnaces made of steel. They are lighter than cast iron, and have sufficient thermal conductivity for heating.

The device designs with a water circuit resembles a simple familiar to everyone. Only the heat exchanger tubes are inserted into it. Inside there is water, which gives off heat in the rooms of a private house. The material from which the heat exchanger is made meets two important requirements. It has good thermal conductivity and is not subject to corrosion.

These pipes are placed between the walls of the furnace and the furnace body. Such an arrangement ensures their maximum heating from combustible fuel.

If you want to get a universal device that not only heats a private house, but also allows you to cook, then there are models with a hob. It is located directly above the firebox, as in traditional stoves.Therefore, its heating occurs directly from an open flame.

Manufacturers often make the doors transparent. Thanks to this, it is possible to enjoy the game of fire.

The use of wood stoves

Everyone knows that the efficiency of these devices is not high. However, wood heating furnaces for the home do not lose their relevance. And this is due to the fact that they have many positive points.

  • Firewood is an ecological natural material. Harmful effects on humans and nature are minimal.
  • Fuel is available for every owner of a private house.

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