Women of the Amazon tribes. Wild tribes of the Amazon

We are used to living in a world of information. However, there are many undiscovered pages in the history and untrodden trails on the planet! The secret of the Amazons - brave freedom-loving women who live without men - is trying to unravel the researchers, filmmakers, lovers of exotics.

Who are the Amazons?

For the first time about attractive, but dangerous warriorsThe weaker sex is mentioned by Homer in the eighteenth century BC. Then their life is described by the ancient Greek historian Herodotus and the playwright Aeschylus, and after them the Roman chroniclers. According to myths, the Amazons formed states that consist only of women. Presumably, these were the territories from the shores of the Black Sea to the Caucasus and further - into the interior of Asia. From time to time, they chose men from other nations for the continuation of the race. The fate of the child born depended on sex - if it was a girl, she was brought up in a tribe, the boy was sent to his father or killed.

women of the Amazon tribesSince then, the legendary Amazon woman,masterfully owning a weapon and an excellent rider, which is not inferior in battle to men. Her patroness - Artemis - a virgin, eternally young goddess of hunting, capable of anger in anger, released from the bow arrows.


So far, researchers have been debatingthe origin of the word "Amazon". Presumably, it was formed from the Iranian word ha-mazan - "female warrior". Another option - from the word a masso - "untouchable" (for men).

The most common Greek etymologythe words. It is interpreted as "bezgrudaya, and according to the legend, warriors burned or cut off their breasts for the convenience of using onions. This version, however, does not find confirmation in the artistic images.

Archaeologists in search of Amazons

Archaeological excavations and found burialsdo not directly prove the existence of Amazons. Some burials of women with weapons, found in Ukraine, may indicate their noble origin. To date, the proof is the 2000-year-old mounds located on the border between Russia and Kazakhstan. Archaeologists have found more than 150 graves of the descendants of the Sarmatians, among whom were women warriors buried with weapons.

Amazon jungleSkeptical scientists suggest thatAmazon - this is a mythological image, opposed to the increasing role of men in ancient Greek society. He tries to resurrect the memory of matriarchy and give value to the female nature. At that time, a same-sex relationship between men was preferable. It was considered cleaner and indicated a special spiritual relationship between the teacher and the student. As the archetype of the Amazon - a woman equal to a man, and therefore worthy of respect and admiration.

The first mention of the Amazons of South America

Many centuries passed before this name became popular again. This time on the other end of the earth. The baptism of the women of South America in the Amazon happened with the light hand of the Spanish conquistadors.

In July 1539, royal officialsparticipation in the campaign of Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada through the territory of Colombia, prepared a report describing the conquest of the new colonies. It mentions a people of indian women who live without men. The Spaniards themselves did not see it, but recorded data about it from the words of people who were there slaves for conceiving children. Women of the Amazon tribes formed a highly developed civilization, headed by Queen Haratti.

amazon woman

According to other sources, it became known about the Amazonsthanks to the conquistador Francisco Orellani. His brigantine entered the waters of a deep, fast-flowing river on February 12, 1542 (now near this place is a small town named after a brave captain). After a while, hungry Europeans, who were many days on the road, were hospitably received in their settlements by Indians. It was they who told that the tribe of the "great señor", on the local dialect of "konyapuyara", which the Spaniards called the Amazons, lives along the river.

Legends or bygone

However, in these stories there is no direct indication ofmeeting with fearless women. The space is filled by the following legend. During the conquest of new lands by the Spanish crown, the conquerors, led by Orellani, faced the furious resistance of the indigenous Indians. Among them stood out the bravery of the women of the tribes of the Amazon. Entered with them into battle and forced to retreat conquistadors nicknamed them in memory of the girls from ancient Greek mythology. And the river, on the banks of which they fought, was called Rio de las Amazonas.

wild amazon girls

Modern researchers believe that nothere were no warriors. Women of the Amazon tribes are Indians, whose long hair misled the Spanish invaders. More romantic people believe that they were beloved, fighting side by side with their men and ready to sacrifice their lives for them.

Anyway, wild girls, Amazons,continue to excite the imagination. This is evidenced by the stories of adventure films and best-selling books, which are recounted by the beliefs of the times of the Great Geographical Discoveries. In them, the jungle of the Amazon conceals countless treasures guarded by beautiful women warriors, who are cruel and merciless toward strangers. A lot of gold hunters died in search of an easy path to enrichment. But from time to time there are brave men ready to try their luck.

Tribes of the Amazon rainforest

More than five hundred years have passed. And the Amazon jungle still hides a lot of unrecognized tribes. The Brazilian organization FUNAI has registered seventy-seven primitive settlements. Their way of life does not differ from that of their ancestors many centuries ago: they fish, hunt, collect fruit. These people of the Amazon have never been in contact with modern civilization. Moreover, any meeting can be deadly for them, since they do not have immunity from most diseases. Therefore, the aborigines are protected by the state.

Among them there are those who preserve the matriarchal way of life. But no one here is fighting or dominating.

The Kuna tribe

The most famous and affordable for touriststhe settlement is the Kuna tribe. It is located on the islands of San Blas. Wild girls, Amazons, are engaged in housekeeping and make clothes incredible in beauty and fineness of work - moles.

people of amazonWhat is the manifestation of matriarchy? Here the groom does not choose the bride, but the girl makes an offer to the young man. However, he has no right to refuse her. After that, the man moves to his wife's house and works for several years under the supervision of his father-in-law. Marriages are possible only among the tribesmen. The birth of girls is considered preferable, since later they bring additional labor into the house. In the rest - this is a family of original culture with a typical distribution of responsibilities.

Where to look for modern women warriors?

Today, not so much women are aggressivetribes of the Amazon, how many residents of urban megacities. Reclaiming the right to be free and independent, the "keepers of the home" tend to leave it for the sake of professional growth.

war of the Amazons
And although they occupy leadership positions andmanage countries, there is no need to speak about a new matriarchy. Implicit war of the Amazons of modern society for its status often ends with a successful career and conscious loneliness and, as a consequence, a demographic crisis.

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