We are free as long as we ourselves do not chain ourselves in the shackles of prejudice, stereotypes ...
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Without measuring spoon

We love our children too little, just becauselove is never enough.It is never enough. But even inadequate love we do not give in large quantities.

Love your children, with absolute love, not because, but just like that, for no reason. They still do not have enough of your love, and you still love, in spite of everything and everyone.

Our parents were not taught to love and show any feelings, so we ourselves grew up with a lack of love. But we, the "scarce", for some reason, are afraid of perelyubil, bound by stereotypes, morality, inventions, standards, reproaches, reproaches from their "scarce" parents, who do not understand thatthere can be no surplus of love.

And it seems that we, reading literature on parenting, child psychology, having free access to "enlightenment", who are members of clubs-communities of "advanced" parents, should send all the power of their love directly to their own children, when something suddenly interrupts the flow and we produce short delivery.

After all, children need to be loved not suddenly and once, after reading a couple of sayings of a famous psychologist, and rushing headlong to apply this knowledge in practice, you just need to love children. Not a couple of hours a day, and not on holidays, without giving half an hour or so of absolute attention to the day, which, as it turns out, is enough for children, not because this or that expert advises.

Us, "scarce"learning to love is not easy, but it is even harder for us to instill loveto their children in spite of themselves. Feeling guilty, tormented by doubts, lost in a huge amount of information, we again hit on "enlightenment", going through theories, stories, teachings, looking for our mistakes, calculating the nuances.

But in fact,all these numerous theories, principles, teachings are reduced to one thing - to love.For love, which is not much, which has neither gold nor silver means, there are neither conditions, nor frames, nor shame, nor quantity. But we persistently try to establish this framework, calculate the appropriate amount, find the middle, which we are strongly advised to find, otherwise there will be a surplus, it’s also pampered, effeminate, depravity, disobedience - everything that parents scare and that has absolutely nothing to do to love and even more so to its quantity.

Moreover, most theories refer us to childhood as the root cause. We too often hear that everything, they say, comes from childhood, but we do not think about these words.Love your children from birth, passionately, while they are young and free from prejudice, until society overtook them with its merciless rules. Love them patiently when they search for themselves in a crowd. Love them boldly, without a measuring spoon. Love your children openly and fearlessly, without looking around.

Do not push away your children, because love has no age restrictions. Love has no units of measure and this is not about selflessness, and certainly not about sacrifice, and permissiveness, or discipline has nothing to do with it. Do not associate your love with theories and books, do not love, because it is necessary, do not love temporarily or periodically.

It is impossible to love your children too much: do not look for the middle in love, learn to love in spite of and for no reason.Raise your children, educate, train, scold or praise, encourage or teach, but love, not doubting and not measuring, because we love our children too little.

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