Will the end of the world in 2019?

So, the planet, we stock up on popcorn and cola, take seats in the first row and enjoy the continuation of the mega-series under the working title “Apocalypse No. N: The Gospel of NASA”! ..

In fact, to be honest, the innocent American space agency is just a pity: whatever duck flies over our blue Earth, on its foot will surely find a ring with the inscription “NASA Property”.

Sometimes you simply wonder that, either from your own narrow-mindedness and limited thinking, or from losing the ability to soberly think in the face of the main fear of any person - the fear of death, people, even without thinking, embrace everything large-scale, but surely terrible this organization.

Then they hide aliens in their basements - such Torquemada of our days right. That experiment in the depths is carried out in the style of the movie "The Core of the Earth", because of which we are waiting for the inevitable end. That is about the evil asteroid maniacs with enviable regularity that they are just sleeping and seeing how to crash into us ...

If you believe the yellow press, all these thousands of the cleverest heads of the planet, inventors, scientists, the best technicians who study the Universe and our capabilities in it, have nothing more to do except entertain our seven billions with the next message about the end of the world.

And in fact it’s so insidious, whatever one may say, and how powerful a word is: only on the Agency’s website will it be reported that the last recalculation of the orbit of the same 2002NT7 suggests that we will happily mix up in January 2019 with as much as 61 million km, as conspiracy therapists will surely raise their heads and issue another portion of their theories.

And what is surprising: people are told that the Apocalypse is canceled and everything will be fine, but for some reason they are not happy with this and are trying to prove with foaming mouth that they are being deceived. What is it - masochism? Paranoid syndrome? Who knows for sure ... But, one hundred percent diagnosis should be put here by experts ...

Facts and nothing but facts

will be the end of the world in 2019

Well, a small excursion into the jungle of astrophysics with a focus on the summary of one of the main themes of the apocalyptic ducks of recent years - the asteroid 2002NT7 - should start, perhaps, from the most logical - its definition.

This celestial body, miniature by cosmic standards, belongs to the Apollo group (this is exactly what is blamed for it, since its orbit crosses the earth from the outer side exactly at the point where we are as far from the Sun as possible), and it is distinguished by a very strong orbit.

Around the star, it rotates in two and a half years of ours and is about two kilometers in diameter. The exact mass of its calculation, based on known data, is certainly problematic, especially considering that it, like any asteroid, is not prone to stasis.

But even in comparison with the Arizona clash in antiquity, and even with the Tunguska cataclysm, even though its orbital speed is much less than that of the Earth, it looks very impressive. And, therefore, the energy of an explosion from a collision with it should reach tens of megatons.

exact end of the world date

He was first found at the Socorro Observatory in the summer of 2002, and immediately thereafter, he was assigned the red mark of danger, because according to the calculations made then, at the end of the winter of 2019, collision 2002NT7 with us would inevitably happen. By the way, maybe this date is in the brain of all the “theorists” of the end of the world, since they repeat it so hard.

It’s only in the rules of scientists that empirical calculations are perceived only as a basis for studying and building hypotheses - they are constantly corrected, because celestial bodies do not exist in once established conditions.

Everything is constantly changing, because even the fact that over the years a certain meteorite could crash into this asteroid, for example, could displace its orbit to such an extent that the threat had passed completely, or at least moved away greatly. Now, by the way, it has been deleted from the database on risky near-earth objects.

What can hide NASA?

doomsday 2019 news

Starting from that very memorable year 2002, conspiracy therapists of all stripes and geographical residence registration periodically, as if old women suffering from senile dementia, recall the terrible asteroid, pull its sides dug in with space slag and small meteorites from the scientific cemetery and start shaking their fists again in the direction of NASA.

From the point of view of banal logic, it is not entirely clear why the Agency should conceal information altogether, even if it is far from rosy for earthlings.

What, we all in record time (in just a year, or even less) will build space stations, explore intergalactic travels and establish a colony somewhere, in the depths of space?

And in the process of landing on the ships, not everyone will have enough space, and half will completely die in a crush in queues, so you need to keep this secret, by all means? Absurd. Someone is too carried away by the works of science fiction and takes wishful thinking.

when the end of the world comes

Earthly technology is now barely enough, even despite all the latest achievements of SpaceX. Therefore, it’s still too early to dream of a possible flight to Mars and disembarking a man there, not to mention seriously thinking about the large-scale colonization of the far reaches of space.

Do governments want to avoid panic? What kind of panic can we talk about when an explosive force from a collision is expected such that even if all life on Earth does not die (it is too small for such a purpose, anyway), then the planet due to the radically changed climate and chain of natural disasters and so and so, will become uninhabitable.

And no bunkers, underground cities and shelters will save here - there is nothing to live in the realities of computer games. This is not Fallout or Wasteland.

What to do? And what can you do ... People say: what to be, cannot be avoided ... From the fact that we are all going to run in panic now, it is relish to spend the last days before the “end of the world” (which scientists actually refute), to buy matches in large quantities toilet paper, it won't be easier for anyone.This is just an illusion of action and the realization of the desire to feel involved in something grand.

There is one, not devoid of logic, opinion on this matter that all such insinuations are from idleness and boredom.

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