Why do I need estrogen in tablets?

Estrogens are a group of female hormones,produced in the ovaries. Violation of their balance negatively affects the overall health and well-being. Disorders of hormonal nature are eliminated by the appointment of appropriate therapy.

Natural estrogens for women

In the pre-climacteric period in the bodythe main biologically active hormone, estradiol, is produced. This compound is considered an optimal receptor activator, providing all the benefits associated with hormone therapy. This estrogen is produced in tablets, in the form of a cream, in the form of a vaginal ring. Medications contain a hormone derived from sweet wild potatoes or soy.estrogens areIn the laboratory, purification is carried outof these plants, a molecule is formed that is identical to that produced by the ovaries before menopause. As practice shows, this biological form of estradiol is better tolerated by the body than others, causing a minimum of side effects. In addition, estrogen in tablets provides a positive result for the functioning of the brain, regulation of glucose, helps to reduce soreness and the formation of new bone tissue. In general, combined medicines are used. Among the most popular drugs should be mentioned such means as "Regulon", "Marvelon" and others.

Synthetic hormones

These compounds have a slightly differentnatural substances, chemical structure. But they have a stronger effect and have other side effects. One such substance is ethinyl estradiol. Contained this estrogen in tablets, used as contraceptives. The drugs are given to patients who have not yet had menopause, and need control over the irregular cycle. There is mentioned the estrogen in tablets "Jeanine".estrogens for womenThis drug is prescribed as ahormone therapy. However, the medication does not apply to contraceptives, since it contains exclusively estrogen. In tablets, synthetic hormones are also used during postmenopause - as substitution therapy. Such drugs are also available in the form of injections for intramuscular injection.

Other hormones

Estradiol valerate is more powerfulaction. It is prescribed in the postmenopausal period. This synthetic estrogen is similar (in chemical structure), but not identical to the human. It is not recommended for patients with pain in the bladder or in the muscles. When it is used, a number of negative reactions associated with a decreased concentration of estradiol are noted. However, this drug is recommended for women experiencing weight problems.estrogen in tablets

additional information

It should be remembered that hormone therapy shouldappointed exclusively by a specialist. Self-administration of these or other medications can lead to serious malfunctions in the body. In this regard, women are recommended to undergo regular examination at the endocrinologist, and in case of the appearance of pathological conditions, consult a doctor immediately.

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