Which brick is better for building a house?

Everybody faces this dilemma. A large range of material choices "turns the head", but, as elsewhere, has its own "pitfalls".

Experienced bricklayers know that brick, as a building material, has its own range of sizes and properties that cannot be neglected and should be used wisely. These are indicators such as: coefficient of frost resistance, water resistance, product strength grade, surface texture of the front part. To understand how to choose a brick or from which brick it is better to build a house, you need to know its types and possible places of use.
Another factor is the technological process by which the material was manufactured: whether it passed the firing stage or not. Red ceramic brick was fired, but silicone is not.
Red ceramic brick is of 2 types: with voids (special through holes), and full-bodied - a product without voids. Distinctive features between them are more thorough preparation of clay, as billet raw materials, before burning a hollow billet, as well as energy-saving indicators and, in fact, the weight of the product.And from the official dealer https://kirpich.expert/ buy a brick in Voronezh with a minimum sale price can be wholesale and with delivery.

Types of bricks for building a house

In this topic we will try to reveal in more detail the properties, characteristics, places of its use in the process of building construction. Before you choose a brick for construction, familiarize yourself with their possible uses for laying up load-bearing walls and facing a building:

  1. Porous brick.
  2. Ceramic brick.
  3. Silicate brick.

Finishing and facing brick products:

  1. Ceramic hollow.
  2. Ceramic
  3. Hypersensitive.
  4. Facing.
  5. Hollow.

Which brick is better suited to your building site - we will be able to explain, indicating the most popular brands and their properties in the description of each type.

  1. Porous is the best brick for building a house, therefore it is relevant when choosing materials for construction. It is one of the most expensive, modern and environmentally friendly products of construction. It is produced by typical firing with technologically provided through holes. With its characteristics, this type of product dominates the classic ceramic brick:
  • hollowness significantly reduces the final weight of the product;
  • hollow increases energy-saving performance;
  • not inferior in strength to ceramic bricks;
  • the ability to make the wall of a building thinner than the thickness of a wall of ordinary bricks;
  • the size. According to the production technology, the volume parameters are equal to approximately 12-13 standard bricks, stacked to each other.

The above data will help, using this brick, to significantly reduce the financial costs of the construction process: a reduced amount of cement mortar consumption, a less labor-intensive process, the external walls of the building do not need lining. Together, these factors lead to another, no less important, significantly reducing the load on the main foundation of the building. When asking which brick to choose, the answer is unequivocal - porous ceramic, because it is the best brick for building a house.

2. Ceramic brick. The most popular and inexpensive material. The success of the demand for this type of product is due to the excellent performance when testing for strength, cold resistance. This option is an excellent choice when building a wall of a multi-storey residential building, a house in the private sector and ordinary buildings of an industrial group.But its disadvantage is that it does not have energy saving properties; therefore, such buildings need a facing material.

3. Silicate brick. It differs from its "brothers" in the production technology: it is not fired, and it is manufactured by stripping under pressure billet raw materials. Finished products have excellent performance in the test of strength, so it is mainly used for the construction of many-storey buildings. A brick of this type can also be hollow and corpulent. One and the most significant disadvantage of such a brick is poor water resistance. It must be treated with moisture-resistant means, which significantly reduces the environmental performance of the building.

Facing bricks for building a house, which one is better?

  1. Ceramic hollow brick. It also has good indicators of strength, therefore it is used both in load-bearing walls and as a finishing brick. Manufacturing technology laid in this building material a rich red color, and the hollowness of the product plays an excellent role as energy saving. Excellent resistance to changes in temperature and high humidity.
    2. Clinker brick.It is made from refractory clay. The high temperature in the manufacturing process leads to the disappearance of all air voids and surface defects. The color of the product varies from red to dark gray. Mainly used for lining fireplaces, but since the brick has a high frost resistance, they are also used in decorating projects.
    3. Hyperpatched brick. This is a stone block, which includes clay. The main places of application - facing fireplaces, facades, socles of the building. The construction product has high moisture resistance and good frost resistance.
    4. Brick facing. It is made specifically with increased resistance to moisture, frost and physical activity. This material is one of the most expensive. It has different color shades and a smooth surface, which gives an elegant appearance to the building.

What brick to build a house from?

This article has been painted actual brick materials that have priority in the construction industry. I hope that we were able to tell you in detail about the types and characteristics of bricks, and I hope that now you have decided exactly which brick to choose for building a house.

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