When the New Year 2019 Eastern comes

Passion for Eastern culture and Chinese traditions has firmly entered our daily life, reflecting on habits and customs. Celebration of the New Year on the eastern calendar is supported by an increasing number of people, and the rest simply keep track of which animal corresponds to the coming year.

The eastern calendar is based on the Chinese timekeeping system, which consists in a cyclical twelve-year repetition of the zodiac signs. Each year in this cycle corresponds to a certain zodiac animal patron. Depending on which totem animal corresponds to a certain period, it is determined by what trials and surprises to meet in the near future. Also, the Chinese calendar dictates to people which initiatives will be appropriate, and which of them should be postponed.

In addition, the totem animal helps to choose the most appropriate time for important events in life: weddings, birth of children, travel, home buying, serious projects, etc.

Under what sign will 2019 be held

In accordance with the Gregorian calendar generally accepted in our country, we celebrate the New Year on the night of December 31 to January 1. But in China, the arrival of this holiday does not have an exact date.

New Year's offensive here is timed to a change in the lunar calendar, namely, to the second new moon, which occurred after December 21. This date always falls on the period from January 21 to February 20. The Chinese celebrate such a change of cycle for 2 weeks, ending it with the traditional Lantern Festival.

Red lanterns

2019 will be the last of a twelve-year cycle, during which Jupiter manages to make one complete revolution around the Sun. This period will be patronized by the Pig or Boar. In addition to the animal, the Chinese define the elements and colors that will lead in the next stage. Therefore, in the eastern interpretation, the upcoming 2019 will be the year of the yellow earth pig.

It is the totality of all these characteristics that affects which undertakings will be more successful, and which ones should wait until the next change of the zodiac totem, how to behave in order to maximize your potential, and where you need to be careful.

The totem animal of 2019 is a yellow earthen Pig, it will summarize all the actions that took place during the lunar-solar cycle, and indicate the direction in which to move over the next 12 years. Since a pig in oriental culture is considered a symbol of balance, patience and diligence, these qualities will be especially useful in everyday life and will bring success to people.

When is the year of the Pig

As already mentioned above, the beginning of the year in the Gregorian and Eastern calendar does not coincide, therefore, January will completely pass under the auspices of the 2018 totem - Dogs. But onlyFebruary 5, 2019A yellow boar will replace the Dog, since it is on this night that Jupiter will begin his new round around the Sun. On the night of 4 to 5 February 2019, adherents of Eastern traditions plan to celebrate this holiday around the world.

Oriental New Year

The element and color, as well as the type of animal, determine the rules of celebration, which should be followed in order for the Pig to favor the person in all his endeavors. For those who want to "cajole" Kaban, you should listen to these tips:

  • At the festival, you need to be in clothes of the appropriate color (yellow or any shade of brown, and also green).
  • The boar favors financial stability, therefore, to ensure good incomes over the coming year, it is necessary to put a bill under the tree, preferably a high denomination.
  • Dishes on the table should not be made of pork, but other meats are quite acceptable. Also a good sign is the abundance of fruits and vegetables that pigs will like.

According to the Eastern calendar, 2019 closes the period of changes and upheavals, and it is replaced by a cycle of stability and constancy, therefore it is believed that families created during this time will be especially strong, new jobs will become permanent and provide good profits, and children born per year, Pigs will become industrious, persistent and morally resistant to stress.

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