What you need to open the PI in 2018

To conduct business in Russia in 2018, you must fulfill a prerequisite - to open the IP. There are several options for how to do this, it is enough to choose the one convenient for you. Regardless of the method chosen, you will need to assemble a package of documents.

Required Documents

To open the PI, the first thing to do is to prepare the documents for the initial stage. According to Federal Law No. 129 “On State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs”, the list for citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign citizens is significantly different.

For citizens of the Russian Federation

Citizens of Russia submit such papers:

Business meeting

For foreigners

Citizens of other countries submit the following list of documents:

  1. Passport and copies of all of its completed pages.
  2. Birth certificate and its copy.
  3. Copy and original document confirming the residence address in the Russian Federation.
  4. Copy of a temporary residence permit (RWP) or residence permit (permit).
  5. Ф.21001.
  6. Refugees provide a document confirming their official status.

Documents filled in a foreign language require official translation (apostille) and certification.

Important! The tax service has the right to additionally request a certificate of no criminal record at home. Such a document may be needed in case of registration of the PI, whose activities will be related to medicine, work with children.

Filling out an application for registration and payment of fees

Changes in the registration procedure for an individual entrepreneur touched upon filling out the form 21001. The new form is focused on the fact that the data specified in it will be read by the machine, therefore, according to the updated Appendix No. 20 to the Order of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation No. MMV-7-6 / [email protected] from 01.25.2012:

  • all letters must be capitalized;
  • letters and numbers are written in special boxes, the rules of transfer and alignment of fields are strictly regulated;
  • the font, its size, type and color are strictly regulated;
  • added barcodes;
  • established abbreviations for countries, regions, cities, documents;
  • Only four-digit OKVED codes are entered into the new form;
  • Required field "INN";
  • a field has been added in which the applicant can indicate a convenient way for him to obtain documents confirming the state registration of the individual entrepreneur: personal attendance, receipt by an attorney, mailing.

A complete list of requirements and rules for filling is recommended to read the link.

The state tax is fixed - 800 rubles. Some categories of citizens are exempt from its payment. These include children with disabilities of 3 degrees and persons registering through the labor exchange.

After that, you need to decide how to register the PI.



The future entrepreneur has three opportunities to submit documents for registration of individual entrepreneurs:

  1. Personally through tax. You need to contact the inspector with a package of documents. He is served in the department at the place of registration indicated in the passport. If this information is not available, then it is permissible to apply at the place of stay. Details of the FTS can be clarified by going to a special service at the address service.nalog.ru/addrno.do.
  2. With the help of public services. Another way to send an application from home. But it is suitable only for those who have an electronic digital signature for submitting documents through the website gosuslugi.ru. This limitation greatly reduces the popularity of the method.
  3. Through the MFC "My Documents" in the presence of a qualified electronic digital signature (EDS) or the passage of pre-registration on the website gosuslugi.ru.
  4. Through the FTS website. This is an opportunity to remotely, without leaving home, to apply for registration.Available to any resident of the country.

The easiest and fastest way is to submit through the FTS service. What should be done to open the IE in 2018 in this way? The step by step instruction looks like this:

  • Go to the official tax page at service.nalog.ru/gosreg/#ip and click on the “Register” button.

Form on the FTS website

  • In the window that appears, enter the contact information. If the registration has already taken place earlier, then the password and e-mail fit in, if not, you should fill in the information about yourself, enter the TIN and wait for the password. He is sent immediately.
  • After logging in, the button “Fill out a new application” will appear.
  • Before filling out the form given consent to the processing of personal data. This is a prerequisite.
  • You can start entering information into the application. It is necessary to choose the form P21001.

The application consists of several blocks:

  1. Information about yourself.
  2. Types of proposed economic activity. These are codes according to OKVED. Optimally, to have one main view and up to 6-7 additional ones, it is possible less.
  3. Contact information and the option of issuing documents. It is better to choose "to issue the applicant."
  4. After clicking the "Next" button, the service will check the database information.
  5. Payment of state duty. With the electronic option of filing an application, it is more expedient to pay the fee via the Internet. There are several ways: by credit card, using an account on public services.
  6. If the payment is successful, then it is chosen in which way the application will get to the tax office.

The applicant is given one of the options: print out the completed form and take it to the state organization, send it by mail or send the application electronically via the Internet.

Businessman at the computer

How much to wait

When an electronic application is submitted within 3 working days or faster, the tax, having checked the information, will invite you to register as an individual entrepreneur. A message about this will come by SMS, e-mail, by phone.

It is given 2 weeks to visit the inspection at a convenient time. You will need to take a passport, a receipt for payment of the duty.

Important! You will need copies of all passport pages, including the first one!

After a personal meeting with the employee, the registration process does not take a long time. As a rule, the corresponding documents are issued on the same day. This will be the notification that an individual is registered with the inspection and the list of entries of the Unified Register of Entrepreneurship Entities.

What then?

When documents are in hand, it’s time to choose which bank to open an account with.Often, the banks themselves, receiving information about a new individual entrepreneur, begin to call and offer their services. So do Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, Uralsib and others. Therefore, if you wish, you can discuss the conditions for opening a current account, waiting for a call from a financial institution specialist.

A man looks at the monitor in horror

It is not enough to know how to open the PI, you need to understand what to do next. If there is no complete information on how to conduct your business in 2018, pay taxes, and so on, convenient services have been created on the Internet, explaining to start-up entrepreneurs what steps they will need to take in the future. You can refer to the services "My business", "Contour". They provide a free period in order to assess the capabilities of the resource, and then you need to make monthly payments.

Pros and cons of FE

Those who wish to register an individual enterprise must understand that there are both advantages and disadvantages in this area.

First of all, it is not difficult to register as an individual entrepreneur, especially with the advent of remote opportunities, when there is no need to stand in line at the tax office.

Tax audits are carried out not too often, and penalties for violations are not enslaving. Revenues from business can be spent on any purpose. Some activities do not even require cash and printing.

The owner of the IP - both the employee and the owner at the same time. No need to obey a stranger and coordinate work schedule.

There are a number of drawbacks: the possibility of damages at first, until the case is settled, it is necessary to pay contributions regardless of the availability of income. Another disadvantage is that the official name is always the last name, first name and patronymic of the entrepreneur, but you can choose a commercial name. Not all companies are willing to cooperate with individual entrepreneurs.


Nuances PI

In most cases, the discovery of PI is not difficult. But there are special cases that can cause difficulties:

  1. Some posts do not involve private business. For example, military men, judges, civil servants, prosecutors will not be able to open the IP.
  2. If a person has already opened a company, then he is entitled to register an individual enterprise and vice versa. These are different taxpayers. But the tax service closely monitors and checks such organizations to exclude cash withdrawals, monitor transactions of related parties.
  3. In the absence of permanent registration, the IP will be opened only for the period specified in the registration.
  4. If a foreign citizen plans to register as an individual entrepreneur, he is obliged to obtain a residence permit or temporary residence permit. Documents in a foreign language will need to be translated into Russian.

All that is needed to open a PI in 2018 is to prepare papers and submit an application. If a refusal is received, it is not forbidden to try to register again. But in this case you will have to pay the state duty in the same amount again.

The main reasons why registration is denied:

  • not all documents are submitted or with errors;
  • papers submitted to the wrong tax office;
  • less than a year ago, an individual entrepreneur was declared bankrupt.

In addition, applicants under the age of 21 apply parental permission.

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