What you need for a bedroom

You decided to change the furniture and interior in the bedroom, the roller blinds will be just right here. You have long dreamed about it. And then this eternally littered trash underfoot, so interferes. There is simply no room in the closet. The bed is somehow not so worth it. Yes, and it is big, as if for such a bedroom. So where to start.

First, draw a plan for your bedroom. Imagine how you would like to arrange the furniture. And then you can go to the store.

What do you need for a bedroom?

Bed. Think where it will stand. Decide on the size. But, it is not advisable to put the bed near the battery or right near the window. In the first case, you can overheat, and in the second get a cold from drafts. If you have a small bedroom, then pay attention to the sofas. There are many types of them.

Cupboard. Here fit a wardrobe. It is roomy, practical and comfortable. All things fit there without problems.

Dressing table. This is not replaceable assistant of every woman. That illumination was better get a lamp. For more comfort, do not forget about the pouf. Above the table lead the mirror.So it will be more convenient to apply makeup and put yourself in order after sleep.

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