What will happen to self-employed in 2019?

Russian tax authorities still do not lose hope of withdrawing self-employed citizens from the shadows. After the failure of the tax holiday, the authorities decided to try one more time in 2019, for which a new single tax was invented. Let's try to understand what awaits the Russians working for themselves in the near future.

Everybody get out of the dusk

The idea of ​​imposing a tribute to the self-employed dawned on Russian officials several years ago — before that, they had more or less turned a blind eye to their activities. However, finding the right way turned out to be far from easy: the vast majority of such workers do not advertise their income, work for cash and deliberately ignore tax liabilities.

Undoubtedly, there is a certain logic in this: the self-employed take all the risks upon themselves, without demanding any guarantees either from business or from the state — and consider the additional exactions almost an insult. But the authorities, of course, have a completely different position, so for some time the officials competed in who would come up with a tighter rein for freelancers and taxi drivers.


They even talked about the tax on parasitism, but eventually settled on a less draconian measure: for a start they decided to introduce two-year tax holidays from the beginning of 2017 to the end of 2018, during which the self-employed, who voluntarily surrender to tax, promised to be released from mandatory payments.

The initiative failed miserably: in the first three months, only 40 people were legalized, and now only 1,500 Russians have taken advantage of the offer - despite the fact that the total number of self-employed in Russia is estimated by experts at 15-20 million people. It is understandable: who wants to voluntarily go into bondage?

Predictable failure

The first failure somewhat dampened the fervor of statesmen, but soon the latest development of the Ministry of Finance arrived, which the FTS had already supported and was approved by the president. Starting next year, the self-employed will be offered to register independently in a special mobile application and automatically pay a tax of 3% on income for services to individuals and 6% on firms.

From January 2019, the new product will be tested in four regions (in Moscow and Moscow Region, Kaluga Region and Tatarstan), and from July it can be extended to the whole country.They promise to freelancers even 10 thousand rubles of tax capital for registration in the system - and recently the parliament passed a law on the extension of tax holidays until the end of next year.


However, experts believe that neither this nor any such initiative will have a significant effect: Russians do not trust the state and are well aware that their taxes go into the pocket of oligarchs or are simply inefficiently spent on questionable projects. And where is the guarantee that new gaps in the budget will not suddenly require a tax increase from 3% to double digits?

Sooner or later it will come to the officials - and then the carrot will finally replace the carrot, and the touts will turn into threats. But even with tough measures, the problem of millions of shadow workers cannot be solved - the authorities simply do not have the ability to track them, unless they prohibit cash and organize total surveillance of bank accounts.

Most of the self-employed have nothing to lose at the same time - freelancers in Russia are not from a good life. The authorities would not have to chase and so barely make ends meet citizens, and to improve the economic situation - you see, and sitting in the shadows would be unprofitable.But this does not have to hope.

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