What number is Nut saved in 2019

In the last month of summer, we celebrate three holidays at once called Savior: Honey, Apple and the Hazelnut. He finishes not only a string of holidays of the same name, but also is the completion of the Assumption fasting.

Walnut spas are also called Grain, since at that time the first bread was baked from a fresh wheat crop. It is celebrated every year on the same date - August 29th. On this day we will celebrate it in 2019.

You can learn about the history of this holiday and its traditions from our article.

history of the holiday

The events that the Orthodox Church remembers on this day occurred even at a time when Christ walked the earth. Then, in the Syrian city of Edessa, the ruler Avgar fell very sick. His body was covered with leprosy and local doctors could not help him. Tormented by this disease, he heard about the Savior and about his wonderful deeds.

The ruler, never seeing or hearing Jesus, immediately believed in him. But he himself could not come to him.Then he decided to write him a letter and send with his subjects. For this mission, he chose the painter Ananias, because he decided that if the Son of God refused to go to him, then Ananias would at least write his portrait and he, looking at the image of the Savior, would immediately be healed.

When the painter came to Jerusalem, he could not manage to see the Messiah, because he was constantly surrounded by a crowd of people. Wanting to fulfill the will of his master, Ananias climbed onto a tall stone so that he could see Jesus from a distance, but nothing happened.

what number is a nut saved in 2019

Then the Savior himself called him and asked him to show the letter that had been given to him. Reading the written lines, Christ saw in them not only despair from an incurable disease, but also strong faith.

Jesus promised that his disciple would come to the governor. He also asked for water and canvas to be brought to him. Having washed up, the Savior wiped off the canvas and His Holy Face imprinted on it.

Avgar received the canvas handed over by Jesus with awe and applied it to his body. The faith of the ruler and the imprinted Face of Christ made a miracle - the governor was healed of his illness. Only minor marks on his face reminded him that he had leprosy.But when the disciple of the Savior came and prayed for him, even these traces disappeared.

Later, the ruler took the canvas with the Face of Christ, and decorating it, set over the city gates. Everyone who entered or left the city worshiped this Holy Face.

nut holiday

However, the great-grandson of Avgar accepted paganism and that the Image was not defiled, the bishop hid it.

When, in 545, the Persian king went to war against Edessa, the priest was the Mother of God, and said that the Image with the Face of Christ would save their city from the enemy. Having brought the Unlicensed Image from the hiding place, the clergy made a procession with him along the walls of the city and the enemy army retreated. Since then, the Image has not once saved the city from the onset of enemy troops.

In 944, the emperor of Byzantium, Constantin Porphyrogenitus, desired to make the Image of the Hand to Constantinople and bought it from the then ruler of Edessa.

It is this glorious relocation of the Image that the church celebrates on the day of the Nut Savior. From this event, the holiday is also called the Canvas Savior or Savior on canvas.

Events and traditions

traditions of nut salvation

The holiday is celebrated not as elegant as the first two Spas: Honey and Apple.In the countryside, at this time, it was time to harvest grain.

In the morning, the believers put bread or other sweet products baked from flour from a fresh crop, nuts, honey, fruits, a few spikelets of wheat into baskets and went to the church. There, the priest consecrated all the belongings brought.

After this, the celebrations began. The hostesses set the table where, after two weeks of strict fasting, there could be fish and meat. But the main dishes were still pastry made from freshly ground flour with added nuts, honey, apples, poppy seeds and other fruits.

They sat at the table only after the products consecrated in the church were laid out. Also, before meals, we lit candles and offered up a thankful prayer to God for the harvest.

saved in 2019

On this day, wells and other water sources were consecrated, from which water was taken for drinking and cooking. And also on the Savior they went to the bathhouse with brooms made from nut sprigs. It was believed that water and a nut on this day gave strength and health.

Another unchanged tradition was to hold at the Nut Spas Fairs. The one who went to it, had to return with the purchase.Just go and see or have some fun and go back empty handed was considered a bad omen. Wise people said that those who gain nothing will have financial problems next year.

The most popular product at the fair was a canvas from which they sewed clothes for children. It was believed that she would give the baby health and bring prosperity to the house.

Signs on Nut Spas

bread saved in 2019

Since ancient times, there are many signs and warnings that were passed on from generation to generation. Here are some of them:

  • It is impossible on this day to go out into the forest without a talisman, because there you can meet evil spirits.
  • On this day, you should not refuse to help those who need it, otherwise God will refuse his blessing.
  • Do not see the welfare and those who will be lazy, because it's time to harvest.
  • Watched on the Savior for the birds - if they are hurried to warm lands, then autumn will be early and cold. And vice versa, if the birds are not going to fly off yet - autumn will please you with warmth.
  • A good harvest of nuts to the Savior foreshadowed that the next year the grain would also be generously rendered ugly.
  • You cannot quarrel on this day or even raise a voice on another person.

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