What is the rite?

We live and do not guess that someancient rituals have firmly entered our life. Let's try to understand what a rite is. First of all, the rite reflects the history of the people's development, its faith, worldview, lifestyle and people's attitudes. Rite is a combination of traditional actions that are a symbol of social relations and the form of their expression.

Some rites entered themodern life. Let us dwell on wedding rituals. Today, like many years ago, the bride wears a white wedding dress, since this color means prosperity, purity and joy. Fatha is a symbol of chastity and protection from evil spirits. The most common wedding ceremony is the exchange of engagement rings. Why exactly do the wedding rings exchange? Because the ring has no beginning, no end, it symbolizes the continuity of family ties, endless love and loyalty.

Wedding ceremonies of the peoples of the world amaze theirvariety. For example, in some Scottish villages, the bride is still watered with mud. Do this on one of the pre-vanishing days, after which the girl is driven to all the local pubs. According to one of the modern versions, this rite is made so that in family life nothing seemed so terrible. In Bali, the groom and the bride must have filed six teeth to curb the animal instincts.

In Russia, rites accompanied a man from the very beginningappearance. The umbilical cord was cut from the boys on an arrow and an ax in order to grow a good hunter or shooter, and girls - on a spindle, to be a good needlewoman. It was believed that if the son looks like a mother, and the daughter - on the father, then the baby will be happy. The Russian rite has survived to this day, when guests come "to the teeth." In the old days, food was brought to the house with a small child as a gift.

The oldest rites were based on faithman into the real world and the world inhabited by deities. The ancient pagans deified nature and worshiped animals, considering them their ancestors. Some ceremonies occurred directly in the house before the images of the gods. In honor of the deities, rituals were held near shrines - trees, stones.

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