What is the police?

The word "police" comes from ancient Greek"City, state". And the meaning implies the totality, the system of state organs and services that deal with the protection of public law and order.

Main functions

In different countries, the range ofpolice "services" is different. The most characteristic function is the detection and disclosure of crimes and offenses provided for by the legislation of the given state. And also - in some cases - prevention and prevention of these. In general, in the police of the modern state, the direction of crime prevention is one of the most promising.

Also in the functions of the organs are: regulation of traffic on the roads, maintaining order in public places, overseeing the implementation of decisions of other government agencies. And in some countries, the police are in charge of fire protection and rescue operations.


The rights and duties of policemen are regulatedrelevant legislative acts, different in severity in different countries. Among the main powers - the possibility of using coercion against civilians in case of violation or attempt to violate the codes, a short restriction of the freedom of citizens (detention for several days).


There are countries in which the police - centralizedorgan. This applies to Russia. And in some states the principle of decentralization is applied, and police services can be scattered across various departments. As a rule, the bodies belong to the executive branch of power, but they remain connected with the judicial branch (for example, the judicial police).

In many countries, the police are civilianand is an instrument of the government's legal policy. In some countries, along with the police, there is also a gendarmerie, which is part of the armed forces (for example, Italian carabinieri).

What is the police in Russia

After the recent reform, it is an integral part of thesystem of the Ministry of the Interior. It is included in the internal affairs bodies and is intended to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens, counter crime and ensure public safety.

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