What is a link?

The term "link" becomes very popular, butnothing hyper-complex it does not carry. In short, the link is simply a link to a document on the Internet. But nevertheless, a very important element of web development. So, more about what a link is:

A link or link is a code in an HTML or PHP document that redirects you to the right resource. Besides, the link is just the code, and its textual expression, which you see on the site, is called an anchor.

What is a link. Types of links

  • Internal links. It is very important to link the page correctly, because the rating position of the site in the search engine depends on this. If your links refer to anything, but not to what you need, know - there will be problems with relevance.
  • External links. Sometimes an external link has the purpose of simply acquainting you with interesting information, but in 90% of cases it is the purposeful work of seo-optimizers. The more links from your page to a similarly themed resource, the better for search results. But you do not need to buy links to the first site, it can be a regular link-dump, and your project can get under the search engine ban.
  • Hyperlinks. So I call the links visually embodied in the flash animation or in the picture.

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