What is a circulatory disorder?

With a pathology such as a circulatory disordermillions of patients. There are also many other people who have no idea that they are suffering from this disease. It is characteristic that many people ignore blood circulation disorders.

Due to a negligent attitude towards one's health,The diagnosis to such patients is put at a late stage. In other cases, circulatory disturbance is diagnosed after a person dies due to this pathology. Therefore, the disease and has the unspoken title of a quiet assassin.

What are the causes of this disease,which is also called peripheral vascular disease? Violation of blood circulation occurs due to fat deposits on the inner walls of blood vessels. With the accumulation of such deposits, the circulation of blood in the blood vessels is gradually hampered, and even a complete blockage may occur.

According to which vessels are exposedblockage, suffer or may suffer areas and organs of the human body. For example, it can be: kidneys, heart, legs, hands. Treatment of pathology is determined and carried out individually for each case. Studies show that the violation of blood circulation in most cases leads to the detection of fat deposits in the vessels. The most dangerous cases are those in which the vessels of the heart or blood vessels of the brain suffer, which often causes a stroke, a heart attack, a fatal outcome.

As you can see, this disease is very dangerous. Heart attacks, strokes, loss of limbs - these are the problems to which the circulatory disturbance leads. Treatment at the slightest suspicion of the pathology in question should be started immediately. In this case, the ailment can be diagnosed at its early stage and then everything can be not so bad.

Early diagnosis of circulatory disorders givesgood chances for the patient to receive quality care. Treatment is carried out both medication, and with the help of surgical intervention. In many cases it is enough, following the recommendations of a doctor, simply to change the way of life. The method of treatment depends on the period in which the illness is diagnosed. It may be necessary to combine several methods for successful recovery.

If a person has a circulatory disorder, the symptoms can be as follows:

  • lowering of temperature of extremities;
  • feet quickly become tired;
  • swelling of the extremities;
  • the occurrence of pain in the hands and feet;
  • spontaneous spasmodic contractions in the muscles of the legs, arms;
  • sleep disorders.

If you read this article and at the same time understand,that you have some of these symptoms, we strongly recommend that you take an immediate examination. Even two symptoms from this list together may indicate that there may be a violation of blood circulation. This pathology is diagnosed with the help of ultrasound, X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging. In some cases, simple medical examination is sufficient to determine the disease.

Can blood circulation be prevented? At least, the risk of the disease can be reduced to a minimum. To this end, a lifestyle should be changed. In particular, smoking, alcohol abuse, will have to be deleted. It is also necessary to change the diet, reducing the presence of foods containing excess cholesterol. It is recommended to periodically measure blood pressure and blood sugar.

Great help and protection for the body is provided by a proper diet, as well as an active lifestyle, exercise.

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