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What affects the service life of LED lamps?

January 26, 2018

What affects the service life of LED lamps?How many manufacturers promise LED lights! Especially it concerns the promised service life from 8 to 30 years. Here you spent once on and you can think of nothing else for the next decades. It remains to explore the best deals on the market, choose the right devices, and ideally they will shine not only for you, but also for your children and grandchildren. Is it really? Should I believe the declared and promised 10 thousand hours of impeccable service?

In fact, you can. 10 thousand hours of work is about 8-10 years of stable luminescence, depending on the intensity of use. In principle, for ICE fixtures is quite real. Where did the promises come from then that such a device could work for 20-30 years? For this you need a small excursion into its technical device! LED-factor experts told us in detail what affects the service life of LED lamps.

How are LED lamps

An LED luminaire consists of an LED, a heat dissipation system, secondary optics, an electrical control unit and, of course, a mechanical component that allows the light to be turned on and off, as well as design elements. When it comes to the duration of the LED lamp, it is usually referred to as the optical part.

But, as you already understood, the lamp is not only optics. This is a whole electromechanical system, in which the mechanical, electrical, optical and thermal components of its operation are closely interconnected. As popular wisdom says, any chain is not stronger than the weakest link. And electromechanical - including!

What can be considered a weak link in this electromechanical circuit, ensuring the operation of the ICE device? For example, a heat sink usually fails earlier than after 8 years of operation. Drivers and control systems may also not live to see their decade. Simply put, you need to look at the warranty period of all the parts that make up the LED lights. And choose the devices exclusively reliable manufacturers (the same, for example).Because, as a result, the duration of the device operation completely coincides with the period of operation of the most vulnerable part of the device.

Why is the correct operation of the ICE lamps so important

To use the LED-lamps should be exclusively for the intended purpose: room - only for indoor, outdoor - on the street. This is because recommendations on the use of LED devices are not just issued, but depending on the level of protection. And manufacturers, developing products, always provide a higher level of protection for street models, and even higher - for lamps that are supposed to be used under water (for example, for indoor lighting pools).

The operation of indoor lights also has its own characteristics. So, they can never be installed next to a radiator or fireplace. So the system of heat removal will instantly fail. Installed in the bathroom lighting devices must necessarily be protected by the ceiling. And, of course, lighting devices can not be dropped and subjected to other unusual mechanical loads.

How and when LED lights break down

How are standard crash cases expressed? There are several of them. And it should be noted that the refusal is not only the refusal to turn on. In general, the term of service usually means a certain average indicator - the amount of time after which half of the fixtures of this type will fail. So there is always a chance that specifically your lamp will be in the more successful half. So, what does a breakdown look like in practice?

  • LEDs do not turn on.
  • Not all items are included.
  • One item is not included.
  • LEDs turn on but generate less light.
  • In the first case, it is usually a question of the failure of an element affecting the operation of the entire system (for example, the control module). In other cases, the case may be in the breakdown of a specific LED or group of LEDs. Well, the last case is a standard situation in which during operation the generation of the luminous flux can drop to 70 percent of the original.

    Whether LED lamps are subject to repair

    Can I repair a broken LED lamp? If we are talking about the operation of the control module, which has recently become unstable, you can contact the customer service and replace the control module with a new one.Repair service failed elements of LED service services are usually not taken, advising simply to replace the light bulb.

    However, our "craftsmen" would not be such if they had not come up with a way out. So, they have already adapted to solder the old LEDs. And as a donor is usually a new LED strip. Of course, manufacturers strongly warn against installing non-original parts on their lamps and repairing parts that were originally conceived as unrepairable.

    Remember: if you make a mistake when soldering or assembling, it may cause an electric shock or fire. Therefore, to engage in self-repair of LED devices is possible only if you have professional skills with electrical equipment. It is better not to be lazy and consult with professionals. Then your lamp will last for a long time, and the LED bulbs will have to be changed only once every few years!

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