Welding of the muffler by one's own hands

Even the quietest engine at work emitssignificant vibrations. In particular, these are sound fluctuations. Spent gases tend to get out as soon as possible. Therefore, this noise is generated in the system. To reduce and modify it, the car uses an exhaust system. It combines a whole set of elements. This is the exhaust manifold, the resonator, the corrugation, and also the silencer. The latter and performs the basic function of damping sound vibrations. But over time, the element wears out. Why this happens and how to repair the silencer with your own welding, we will consider in our today's article.


How to determine the need for repair of thiselement? It's very simple - while the engine is running you will hear the characteristic sound of the exhaust gas. It will be very loud, sometimes whistling.welding repair muffler Also part of the exhaust gas can seep into thesalon (in this case, you also need welding the muffler corrugations). Smoke will not dissipate from the exhaust pipe, but from the bottom, and from different sides. So, if the muffler started behaving this way, then he warmed up or rusted. Experts recommend a complete replacement of the element. However, a cheaper way is to weld the muffler yourself.


Usually the service life of this element does not exceedtwo or three years. Why does he serve so little? It's all about the conditions of its exploitation. The muffler from the first day of operation is in the mode of increased loads. So, the element is exposed to moisture, salts from the outside and high temperatures inside. The differences in heating are just colossal. Of course, no metal of such loads can withstand (and if it does, such a muffler will weigh at least 10 kilograms). In addition, the internal walls of the element experience vibration.welding of the muffler by one's own hands They are somehow extinguished through damping cushions,that are attached to the body hooks. But this does not mean that vibrations are excluded in the silencer chambers themselves. Also it is impossible not to mention the very location of the element. It is located in the rear of the body. All dirt and water are sure to be on its surface. In addition, the muffler is one of the lowest parts of the car. Overcoming steep climbs, you can easily hook on its lower part on the asphalt or other surface. Yes, the item will not crack. But the partitions inside can be deformed.welding of muffler corrugations But it is on them that the quality of vibration damping in the exhaust system depends.

Repair yourself - we prepare the tool

So, our exhaust became terribly loud. Exit from the situation - welding, repairing the muffler. For this we need:

  • Welding machine (it is better to use a semi-automatic inverter with a wire diameter of 1 millimeter).
  • A set of tools (ring and carabiner keys).
  • A piece of sheet metal. It is desirable that its thickness is of the order of two millimeters.
  • Bulgarian with a set of cleaning and cutting discs.
  • Sandpaper.
  • A metal brush.

Let's get to work - dismantling the element

Having prepared all the necessary tools andmaterials, it is necessary to proceed to welding the muffler. First you need to get to the exhaust system. Inspection is best done on a pit or trestle. In the absence of this, we jack up one of the body parts and climb up to the bottom. Usually the element rusts from the side of the pipe connection to the "jar". Next, we pick up two keys and untwist the clamp. We pull the silencer out of the pipe grooves outwards. Note that the element may become imprecise. In this case, you need to shake it from side to side, expanding the opening of the intake pipe. It is better to weld the muffler when it is removed. It is rather difficult to do work locally (and it is not safe, because there is a gas tank nearby).

We open the jar

It happens that the exhaust system works loudly, but no obvious signs of rot or cracks are detected.repair of the silencer with your own hands by welding In this case, it can be assumed that the mufflerburned inside. It can be a perforated tube or its partitions. Therefore, to accurately determine the diagnosis, mark out the necessary fields and open the part of the "cans" with the help of a Bulgarian. We bend off the excess sheet of metal and cut out or weld the bar again. At the end of the work, the sheet is bent and baked from all sides.

Features of welding

Why it is worth usingsemi-automatic device? As practice shows, this method of welding is the most gentle for the muffler, since carbon dioxide does not allow the metal to change its structure and overheat. When working with the exhaust system, do not allow "gaps". The seam should be as flat and tight as possible. Otherwise, gases under pressure (and it is very high in the system) will burst into free gaps. All this will be accompanied by a loud unpleasant sound.muffler weldingIn the event that the muffler is weldedOutside, a pipe of the correct diameter should be prepared. Cooking on rotten metal does not work. But cracks "semi-automatic" can be taken. Therefore, in neglected situations, we cut out a new piece of pipe (it is important that it be of suitable diameter) and weld it into place of the old one.

Why can not you just cut off the rotten part andto weld the "jar" directly? The fact is that the silencer has a limited free stroke and if its position shifts, the cushions will be constantly in tension. And if you cut off even more, then the silencer does not fit into its factory place.


The final stage of welding the muffler is hispainting. The applied enamel layer will reliably protect the metal surface from negative factors. It is worth noting that the ordinary paint will not work - the humectant will dissolve to incredible temperatures (over 350 degrees Celsius). Therefore, all the enamel will simply burn out. At the same time, a characteristic odor will be released.argon muffling But what to do in this situation? The silencer should be treated with a special, heat-resistant (powder) composition. It can be dyes from the series of KO 828 and 8101. It is better to use products in cans. So the enamel will evenly lie on the surface and cover all vulnerable and hidden areas. Only two layers are sufficient, so that the heat-resistant paint provides reliable protection and extends the service life of the muffler.

Welding of a silencer with argon - what are the features?

This is a modern technology that allows you to connectparts from steel and metal alloys. The operation is carried out in several stages. First the surface is prepared (peeled off with a metal cutter and degreased). Then the details are connected by "tack". Then a metal rod is laid on the seam line. At the final stage, the rod and the part are welded. During welding, argon gas is used. Oxygen does not enter the part, since argon enters the welding area under high pressure.welding of a silencer This technology provides high strengthjoints, as well as tightness of the seam. The service life of such a muffler is an order of magnitude higher than that of a semi-automatic machine. But minus the technology in the high cost of equipment. Fortunately, there are a lot of companies that provide services such as welding a muffler and replacing the corrugation. The latter is also installed in the pipe on argon welding. The cost of such services is about three thousand rubles, including the price of the three-layer corrugation itself.


Serviceable muffler - a guarantee of comfortable drivingdriver. After all, no noise insulation will not save, if from under the bottom gaps are bursting with cotton and a pungent smell. Also note that in neglected cases, a reasonable solution to the situation will be a complete replacement of the muffler. Moreover, its cost is very acceptable. And you can install the element each - it is enough to have a pair of keys and a new yoke (we thread the thread with graphite so that the bolts do not turn sour). By the way, a silencer is installed (no matter whether it is new or repaired) for a special sealant. They etch the tip of the tube seat. So we will ensure maximum tightness and do not let the gases leak out through small technological cracks.

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