Weekends and holidays in July 2019 in Russia: calendar

July is not only the beginning of the second half of the year, but also the very equator of summer. For people who are planning their vacation in the long run, or who like to organize upcoming events in advance, it is worth asking about how the July 2019 weekend was distributed on the calendar.

July always consists of 31 days. The beginning of this month in 2019 coincides with the beginning of the week: July 1 falls on Monday, and completion - July 31 - will occur on Wednesday. The average month of summer will be 4 full weeks and 3 days. Of these dates, 23 will become workers, and only 8 will be weekends.

July weekend dates

Weekends in July 2019 will fall four times on Saturdays and Sundays. These dates will be 6 and 7, 13 and 14, 20 and 21, as well as July 27 and 28.

July 2019

This can be interesting both from the point of view of removing the standard of working time for this month by personnel department employees, and for planning weddings, which traditionally prefer to celebrate in the warm season.

July holidays

Holidays are loved not only by children: adults who go to work every day, expect holidays no less anxiously, to be able to get a portion of joy and have an extra weekend.

Holidays can be both official - providing an opportunity to rest an extra day, and informal - religious, historical, professional, etc. Such holidays are not days off, but are celebrated by many people - representatives of certain religions or fields of activity. Some of these dates force us to learn more about the events that occurred in previous years.

Official holidays

As can be seen from the calendar, in July 2019 there are no days officially approved for the celebration of Russia, which would be an additional weekend. On the one hand, it does not give Russians the right to unplanned or three-day rest, but on the other hand, it provides a large number of working days this month.

This situation makes July 2019 one of the most profitable months in order to take vacation in whole or in part, because in accordance with the production calendar, every day in the case of vacation will be the most expensive to be paid.

Due to the lack of holidays this month, there will be no weekend transfers or shorter working days on the eve of holidays.

Unofficial holidays

The variety of unofficial holidays in July 2019 is great: they include Orthodox, professional, folk and others.

Orthodox dates

In July, there are 2 great dates, which are revered by Christians throughout the world:

  • 7.07. (Sunday) - The Nativity of the Forerunner (John the Baptist);
  • 12.07. (Friday) - Saints Peter and Paul.

From 24.06. (Monday) to 11.07. (Thursday) will last Petrov post, not related to the most stringent. All other Wednesdays and Fridays of the month will also be lean, not strict canons.

Professional dates

These days, it is an opportunity to congratulate colleagues or representatives of professions that they have to face due to their occupation or during non-working hours. On such dates, the best personnel in these areas are awarded certificates and celebrate their achievements in a professional manner.

In July, representatives of such professions will celebrate their days:

  • 1.07. (Monday) - employees of tax crime departments;
  • 2.07. (Tuesday) - international sports journalists and commentators;
  • 3.07. (Wednesday) - employees of the traffic police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia;
  • 11.07.(Thursday) - lighting artists and lighting technicians;
  • 12.07. (Friday) - photographers;
  • 15.07. (Monday) - metallurgists;
  • 17.07. (Wednesday) - ethnographers;
  • 18.07. (Thursday) - employees of the state fire supervision of Russia;
  • 19.07. (Friday) - Lawyers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation;
  • 25.07. (Thursday) - River Police officers;
  • 26.07. (Friday) - parachutists;
  • 28.07. (Sunday) - PR-specialists and PR-managers;
  • 30.07. (Tuesday) - representatives of the Russian Navy.

International and World Holidays

These dates of July are celebrated both in Russia and around the world. They relate to individual spheres, sciences or phenomena. In the average month of summer in 2019, the following dates will become the following international days:

  • 2.07. (Tuesday) - sports journalists and commentators, UFOs and ufology;
  • 8.07. (Monday) - World Allergy and Pollinosis Day;
  • 11.07. (Thursday) - World Population Day and the conductors of passenger air transport;
  • 15.07. (monday) - youth skills;
  • 20.07. (Saturday) - chess, as well as amateur and professional chess players;
  • 23.07. (Tuesday) - whales and dolphins;
  • 28.07. (Sunday) - Hepatologists and Hepatology;
  • 30.07. (Tuesday) - the day of the fight against human trafficking, as well as the day of friendship.

Those who like to celebrate holidays will be given many occasions in the seventh month of 2019, during which you can have an interesting time, since in the summer you especially want to relax and have fun.

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