Weeds - problem number 1

June 19, 2018

Grass is the main problem of every summer resident. Some gardeners use special tools purchased in specialized stores, others invent their own in order to overcome green pests. Unfortunately, many gardeners do not attach importance to autumn tillage and postpone plowing in the spring. This underestimation of the autumn work leads to an increase in labor costs for weed control in vegetable crops.

Weeds - problem number 1

To control weeds and improve the quality of the soil structure, many owners of suburban areas use a walk-behind tractor with a mounted cultivator, which is tilled with the ground, grinding and destroying weeds. Spare parts and rings of cylinders for the motoblock from https://wellpart.com.ua/zapchasti/zapchasti-motoblok/kolca-motoblok/ will be available at the best prices if you click on the link.

If plowing a vegetable garden is known to all summer residents, then some of them will be odd methods carried out with the help of current.

In recent years, experiments have been conducted in different countries on the use of various new methods and technological methods in the fight against weeds.Positive results have been obtained in weed control, for example, by exposure to microwave radiation and high-voltage electrical discharges. Ultrasonic vibrations and electrostatic fields are successfully used for the same purpose.

Сорняки – проблема №1

Recently, equipment for the destruction of weeds (mainly in the fields of sugar beet and cotton) using high voltage alternating current has been developed and tested. It allows you to destroy up to ninety-seven and even ninety-nine percent of the weeds.

A high voltage current kills a weed plant in the same way as any other organism, and the higher the voltage, the shorter the exposure time. Experiments have shown that, for example, for green peas, increasing the voltage from 700 to 2000 volts reduces the time of effective exposure. The sensitivity of plants to the effects of electric current is determined by the content of cellulose and lignin in them - the electrical resistance of the plant depends on it. By the way, unlike chemical agents, electric current has a selective effect: voltage, harmful to weeds, is often harmless to cultivated plants.

Сорняки – проблема №1

Do not miss the opportunity to improve your garden and its soil.After all, it is from the soil that plants take all the bad and good.

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