Weather in May 2018

In the last month of spring, as a rule, a truly warm weather is established. This year differs from the previous ones in that spring came with a delay of two weeks. Snow in the central part of Russia lay almost until the end of March. I wonder how this will affect the temperature indicators of the next months? Does the weather for May 2018 also give us unpleasant surprises?


Weather in Russia

It should be noted that the weather forecast in different regions of our country will differ from each other. Russia occupies a vast territory and therefore it has various climatic zones. If in the central European part of the Russian Federation stable heat will be observed in May, then only the first signs of spring will be visible in the north of our country. Spring also comes in Siberia later than in the European part of the country. But in the southern regions one can observe not only warm weather, but already, one can say, quite summer. In Kuban or in the Astrakhan region, temperatures in May can reach significant sizes.To understand how wide the average temperatures in May are in the regions of the country, you can take a look at this table, which shows the average temperatures inherent in the last month of spring. It shows the temperature indicators, which are based on statistical data of recent years:

Adler + 20 ° С
Astrakhan + 25 ° С
Vladimir + 16 ° С
Vologda + 15 ° С
Murmansk + 8 ° С
Arkhangelsk + 11 ° С
Kaliningrad + 16 ° С
Ekaterinburg + 17 ° С
Magnitogorsk + 18 ° С
Kemerovo + 14 ° С
Krasnoyarsk + 14 ° С
Novosibirsk + 15 ° С
Nizhnevartovsk + 10 ° С
Yakutsk + 11 ° С
Ussuriysk + 19 ° С
Vladivostok + 14 ° С
Surgut + 10 ° С

As the table shows, the weather in Russia is very diverse. It is clear that here are the average temperatures, and the forecast is not accurate. If you are going to travel or business trip to any region of the country, it is better to contact one of the meteorological services: Gismeteo, Hydrometeorological Center, Phobos, etc. There you can find a more accurate forecast for the upcoming period. Moreover, the closer to the date of interest, the forecast will be more accurate. These services constantly monitor the climate in the country and therefore you will find the most reliable weather data on them.

Weather in May 2018

Full-time European weather

In the old days, the last month of spring was called “grass”. And it is not by chance at all. During this period, there is a complete revival of nature. The grass grows vigorously, all kinds of trees start to bloom and begin to bloom. The air is filled with all sorts of flavors. It is conducive to a positive mood. There is no desire to leave the street. I would like to continue to observe the changes in nature. The sun gently caresses the skin, and yet there is no sweltering heat. In the morning, there is a freshness that invigorates and creates the appropriate mood. Spring thunderstorms deserve special attention, which not only do not frighten, but give an additional charge to the whole organism.

Forecasters say that the upcoming May, as before, will be different unstable weather. There will be days when the temperature will reach summer indicators, and there will be periods when in the morning time the temperature indicators will reach March values ​​- 0 ° С. Of course, in each region it will look different. If we speak only about the central European region, then here May will be moderately warm.

The first days of the month will be cool, especially in the morning.Sometimes, even frosts are possible, especially around 07.05.18. In the daytime, stable heat within 15-20 ° C will be observed. During this period, you should not hurry to switch to summer clothes. Very often at this time people get an acute respiratory disease. They cannot understand that this summer is still far away.

In early May, rains are possible, which will create freshness, but will not be warm enough. To get under this rain and get wet is not very nice. This once again confirms the fact that you should not rush to wear clothes with short sleeves and flaunt your figure in light clothing.

It will be even cooler in the northern regions. It's still too early to think about summer clothes. It’s time to put on raincoats and light sweaters and sweaters.

By the middle of the month, temperature indicators will start to go up steadily. At night it will be much warmer, and in the daytime you can sometimes feel the real summer. In the southern regions there will be hot, windless weather. Here is the time to completely change into summer clothes. The thermometer sometimes will reach 25 ° C. In the north, you can say goodbye to jackets and change into spring clothes. Here the temperature will be moderately warm: 15-20 ° C.In the middle of the month, it will stop raining and the weather will be mostly clear.

Weather on May 2018 in Russia from Hydrometeorological Center, Gismeteo

The last days of the month will show that summer is not far off. In the southern regions will set the hot weather. Temperature indicators will not differ from summer. In some places the beach season will even begin. In the central region is also significantly warmer, and the nights will be moderately warm. In the afternoon you can easily switch to summer clothes. The air temperature will reach 25-28 ° C. The truth about bathing in natural waters is too early to say. After all, at night the temperature can only be 10-12 ° C. In the north will also be much more comfortable. Temperature to be established within 20 ° C. You can safely switch to summer clothes with long sleeves. True, we should not forget that at the end of the month it may rain again. In order not to be trapped, especially when traveling to other regions, it is best to be interested in weather by the specialists from the Hydrometcentre. They have been observing weather conditions in all regions of our country for more than one year.

Weather forecast in Moscow and Moscow region

The weather forecast in the capital region will differ little from the weather in the central part of Russia:

  • The beginning of the month will be characterized by relatively cool and rainy weather. At this time, the daily temperature will not exceed 15-18 ° C. There will also be an increase in wind.
  • In the middle of May it will become much warmer, and the daily temperature indicator will firmly establish itself at the mark: 20-22 ° С. Rainy days will be less. At night it will be cool and fresh.
  • The end of the month will delight all Muscovites with great weather with almost summer temperatures: + 25 ° С. Sometimes it will rain at night and it will slightly cool the ardor of the residents of the capital to feel that summer is easy and natural.

Signs of May

Previously, there were no weather services, like Gismeteo, Phobos or Hydrometeorological Center. People in Russia made a weather forecast by signs. It is no secret that there are certain patterns in nature that repeat from year to year. It is for these dependencies that signs were created that people adhered to more than one generation:

  • May fogs to warm windless weather.
  • May City foreshadows heat in the first month of summer.
  • Rolled oak leaves to a cold snap.
  • May lightning indicates that the weather will be warm and clear soon.
  • The cool first days of May speak of hot days at the end of the month.
  • The May evening glow in red means that it will be cool and raining the next day.
  • Dawn yellow indicates a warm and not rainy weather.

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