We repair your office step by step

January 30, 2018
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For any company, repair and relocation is a very difficult process, if not a great disaster. Among all the inconveniences that may arise from the leadership in these difficult days, are dirt, clouds of dust and the ubiquitous noise, and much more. But the worst cost is time spent. After all, every day that a company spends on repairs will be calculated not in minutes, but in hundreds of thousands of rubles. In order not to harm yourself with a similar procedure and at the same time not to sit in an office with dilapidated plaster and worn-out walls, we will offer you a spectacular way to solve such an easy task. Repair of offices Kiev offers high-quality and fast repair of your work space for reasonable money available.

Ведем ремонт вашего офиса шаг за шагом

After the expensive office furniture manager's desk was removed from the room, immediately proceed to the treatment of the floor and the imposition of flooring. According to statistics from construction organizations, almost a third of all cash costs are accounted for by the work on the arrangement of the floors.Even if your floor seems “nothing yet” to you, do not spare your money for cement screed. Using a screed, you will level your floor and prepare it for further installation of flooring. This type of work is quite dirty, so try to remove all the interior elements that require special attention. The concept of "excellent sex" includes several parameters at once.

In order for your floor to be effective and effective, it must not only be cleaned and warm, but also have a decent degree of strength and fire resistance. Modern production at any time can provide you with a variety of materials that are manufactured according to advanced technologies and comply with all basic requirements for flooring. However, if you wish, you can buy a tiled floor. By the way, the majority of modern travel agencies today use exactly the tiled version, which serves faithfully for many years. There is one drawback only tiled masonry - too much time spent on laying it on the floor of the room. If you do not have enough time, then the carpet or takker will suit you much better.

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