We lay down the linoleum yourself

First, carefully review the information on the particular linoleum you have chosen.
Work is carried out in a room with a temperature of at least 18C and humidity - 60%. The material should also be at room temperature. Close the room for two days, ensuring at this time there is constant humidity and temperature.

Preparing the floor for laying linoleum

First, dismantled skirting. Further, the surface is completely cleaned from residual cement, glue, etc. Make sure the floor is flat by applying a level. Clean dust, dirt, degrease and dry the base.

Concrete floor - must be dry and not have cracks. If available, they need to be filled.

Wood floor - make sure all planks and nails are tight. Cover the boards with a smooth cardboard or plywood. The surface must be dried and smooth.

Stone floor - you need to align all the joints.

Old coating - removes its remnants, holes are filled. The base is sanded.

Material preparation

  • The day before laying the coating must be leveled, spreading it.
  • Cut the material into the desired size.
  • In case of using double-sided adhesive tape, glue it around the perimeter without removing the upper protective layer.
  • Cover positioned pattern along the wall
  • Ensure the pattern coincides in different canvases and its direction.
  • Smooth the floor until it fits perfectly to the floor. Make cuts in the corners.

Laying linoleum. Dry way

In small rooms (up to 20m) linoleum can be put without sticking.

In the concrete floor, pre-made holes for the plugs, which will be screwed screws.

Roll roll on pre-prepared floor. Then the coating is attached to the base. To the wooden floor, linoleum is simply nailed. Interval - 5 cm. To protect the edges from rupture, you can strengthen the edges with aluminum strips with pre-prepared holes for nails. The lines of the joint of cloths are fixed with nails, screws or double-sided adhesive tape.

Lay linoleum should be so that he was bent to the wall by 10cm.

Laying linoleum with glue

Adhesive flooring linoleum, recommended, in the presence of more than 2 pieces; in the planned, moving furniture; with an area of ​​more than 20m. Ground back of the material and clean the floor.After two days, the primed surfaces are smeared with mastic. Linoleum flooring and smooth. The decisive step in the successful laying of linoleum is the strict observance of the instructions of this material.

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