Wax depilation at home: a set of materials for waxing, recommendations and contraindications

on 31.03.2016

A beautiful woman is beautiful in everything, so almost all ladies are concerned about the problem of hair removal. In the summer on the beach and in the winter at home you want to look great and to achieve this, women resort to such a procedure as depilation. We will talk about this procedure, the necessary materials and the subsequent skin care.

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Home Depilation: How to do wax depilation?

Depilation, unlike epilation, helps to remove the top layer of hair, without affecting the subcutaneous bulbs. But this method is more effective than removing razor hair and the smoothness of the skin lasts up to 2 weeks.

The main rule of waxing is short hairs up to 5 mm, otherwise it will be very painful, and you will not achieve perfect smoothness.

Depilation of any part of the body helps to remove hair and the top layer of dead epidermis, thereby improving skin condition. During the procedure it is important not only to distribute the wax evenly, but also to tear off the strip on which the hair will remain with a sharp, precise movement of the hand. Indecision leads again to pain.

There are 3 types of depilation, depending on the type and temperature of the wax:

  • Hot when the wax heats up to 45–47 C. It is used to remove unwanted hair on the legs.

Strips are not needed for hot depilation: wax is applied to the skin in a thick layer, and after curing it is torn off against hair growth with a sharp movement. Be careful with the temperature, because you can get a serious burn.

  • Warm In this case, the wax is heated to a temperature of 30–35 C. For this method, you will need special strips, and you can apply warm wax on your face, bikini area, armpits, and belly.
  • Cold You buy ready-made strips of wax, warm them in your hands, glue on the skin, tear off in 30 seconds.


Depilation of different zones is recommended to be done in different time intervals:

  • 14–28 days for the eyebrow area, the area above and below the lips, armpits.
  • 28–40 days for the bikini area, abdomen, legs, arms.

What should include a waxing set?

For home depilation procedure, you will need:

  • Wax in jars or cassette.
  • Spatula for waxing.
  • Depilation tapes.
  • Olive, flaxseed, sunflower oil, which remove the remnants of wax and soothe the skin. You can also use special oil wipes.
  • Voskoplav, but water bath will replace it with dignity.

Modern manufacturers offer wax in various forms, and it is time to figure out which one to choose.

Which wax is best for depilation?

The composition of the wax may include resins, essential oils, soothing skin components. It is better to give preference to the composition of wax and oils, because wax envelops hairs, and oil soothes and represses the healing of wounds. When choosing a wax read the composition and recommendations:

  • Recommended time of year.
  • For sensitive skin.
  • What is the depilation zone for wax?


Depilation in the bikini area: features of the procedure

Five days before the procedure, you should shave your hair with a regular razor. In 5 days the hair will grow to the desired length.

The immediate procedure for depilating the bikini area is recommended 3-4 days after the menstruation, surprisingly, at this time the sensation of pain is not so strong.

Before the procedure, take a shower without soap, if you are afraid of pain, you can use anesthetics for external use:

  • Befor depilar.
  • Light frost.

They provide an analgesic effect from 30 minutes to 4 hours, which will help relieve depilation without serious consequences. After anesthesia, apply warm wax to the hair in the intimate area, cover it with strips and wait 3-4 minutes. Now, with a sharp movement against hair growth, remove the strip, remove the wax residue with a cotton swab dipped in oil. That's all, smooth skin is provided for 14-30 days!

Are you afraid to use wax?It does not matter, you can try to remove hair with depilatory cream:

  1. Velvet- a budget option that gives an excellent result. Apply a thick layer on the skin, after 25 minutes is removed, and with it the hairs. Different types of Velvet cream are designed for the face, legs, bikini area.
  2. Veet cream- This is an expensive version of the depilator that removes hair in 5-7 minutes.

Waxing legs

The preparation of the legs is no different from the preparation of the bikini zone:

  • 5 days to shave your hair with a razor
  • Before the procedure, apply anesthetic that will anesthetize and decontaminate the surface.
  • The wax for this zone is applied hot.It is heated on a slow fire, avoiding boiling.
  • The wax is applied to the skin with an applicator, after 1 minute, it is covered with strips, pressed against the skin and abruptly torn off.
  • Frozen wax, with experience, can be removed without stripes.

If you do not use anesthetic, and the skin is very sore, then attach to the skin a towel soaked in cold water.

Waxing the face

The coat on the face of men is rather thick, while for women it is a thin protective layer. But with increased testosterone in the fair sex can grow "sexy mustaches" that can be removed.5_(5)

For these purposes, apply a safe warm wax. It, as well as for the bikini zone, is heated, applied to the desired area of ​​skin, closed with a strip and abruptly removed.

But wax depilation of the face is not the best way, because the chin and skin around the lips are very tender and easy to injure. For this zone, it is preferable to apply plucking or special creams, after which the hair is removed with a special applicator. From the range of such creams we can recommend you:

  1. SetSally Hansen Creme Hair Remover KitWhich includes hair removal cream and skin care product after the procedure.
  2. CreamBylyproviding hair removal 5 minutes after application.

Popular and wax strips for the face, we will tell you more about them.

Wax strips for face

Wax strips are the least traumatic method for skin depilation. In addition to wax, they contain a high percentage of oils and vitamins, due to which the procedure is painless.

The stripes Veet Easy to Use Wax Strips for Face, for example, contain almond oil and vitamin E.

The strips are attached to the upper lip and chin, leveled and pressed against the skin, then sharply break off. After removing the strip, apply a napkin soaked in oils to the skin, which is sold complete with expensive creams. The wax strip removes hair from the root, and the effect after the procedure maintains for 2-3 weeks.

Skin care after depilation

Damaged skin needs protection and care. Simple rules should be followed, otherwise irritation may occur or infection may spread:

  • After the procedure for at least 3 days you can not use cosmetics, in addition to creams after depilation. The latter not only disinfect and soothe the skin, but also help to slow down the further growth of hair. The cream is applied to the desired area 2-3 times a day.

Well-proven remedies from the Green Mama, Johnsons & Johnsons series. They moisturize the skin, prevent ingrowth and rapid growth of hair. With regular use, the growth rate of hair slows down by 50-65%.

  • Intimacy is not allowed for 2 days if the hair is removed from the bikini area.
  • Also, it is not recommended to sunbathe in the first 2-3 days, to go to the solarium, swim in the ponds.
  • When bathing in the bathroom, use baby soap without impurities.
  • After 3-4 days, be sure to peel the depilated area once a day to prevent ingrown hairs. A mild scrub with coffee or sugar is suitable for the face and bikini area. And for legs, underarms, abdomen scrub with large particles.

Contraindications for waxing depilation

Wax depilation procedure is not safe, and you need to abandon it in the following cases:

  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding, hormonal drugs. The skin in these cases is weakened, so to begin with, conduct a test on a small area of ​​the body.
  • Vascular stars on the face, varicose veins on the legs.

  • Diabetes mellitus, anemia.
  • Fresh scars, hanging moles, warts and sunburn.

Until you find the right wax, a test is recommended every time. After all, wax contains impurities and oils that can trigger the development of allergies or dermatitis.

Depilation at home: video

As you can see, hair removal from the body with wax can be painless. We invite you to view an instructional video that will become a loyal assistant during the first waxing procedures at home.

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Wax depilation at home: a set of materials for waxing, recommendations and contraindications 85

Wax depilation at home: a set of materials for waxing, recommendations and contraindications 27

Wax depilation at home: a set of materials for waxing, recommendations and contraindications 52

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Wax depilation at home: a set of materials for waxing, recommendations and contraindications 64

Wax depilation at home: a set of materials for waxing, recommendations and contraindications 33