International holidays are not only colorful carnivals and colorful festivals, but also events designed to draw public attention to certain problems. Among these commemorative days, the Water Resources Day or, as it is more often called, the Water Day is particularly notable. From our article you will find out what date the Water Day in 2018, how this holiday appeared and what problems it is intended to solve.

Water Day in 2018

The annual holiday, which appeared due to the initiative of the UN, the world celebrates in early spring, March 22. The date of the holiday is fixed, that is, every year the Day of Water falls on the same date.

Water Day in 2018 falls on Thursday, March 22.

Water festival

How did the holiday

World Water Day or Water Day is among the environmental holidays, that is, those that are designed to draw the attention of mankind to the problems of the environment.

The Day of Water is a fairly young holiday, which appeared only at the end of the past, XX century. In 2018, we will celebrate it 25 times.

The initiator of its appearance, as mentioned above, was the United Nations.In 1992, the UN rapporteur at the World Conservation Conference in Rio de Janeiro focused on the difficulty with clean drinking water in different regions of the world. Particularly affected by the lack of water resources, according to a special commission, are residents of a number of African and Asian countries. As one of the measures to solve this problem, the conference participants proposed to focus the attention of citizens of wealthy countries on the need to protect water and water resources. And to fulfill this task, a proposal was made to establish a special holiday dedicated to water resources - Water Day.


1993 became the starting point of a new holiday - on March 22, 1993, the world first celebrated World Water Day. In the same year, at an international conference dedicated to the environmental day, a proposal was made to devote each year to one specific problem. Since 1994, each holiday is held under the sign of a single theme. Thus, the second Water Day was devoted to general issues of water protection; the holiday slogan is sounding like “Caring for water resources is everyone’s business”.

In 2003, the UN urged countries to pay attention to the availability of drinking water.According to data published on the Organization’s website, over a billion people suffer from a lack of clean drinking water and more than two and a half billion people are not able to use water for sanitary purposes. In order to solve drinking water problems, in order to focus on sanitation issues, the General Assembly decides to dedicate an entire decade to clean water. The 2003 UN resolution declares the years 2005-2005 a "decade of action." All events of this period are held under the general slogan “Water for Life”.

Water Day Events

The General Assembly recommended that UN member states hold on this day activities aimed at preserving and protecting water. Moreover, the list of resources includes not only tap water, but also rivers, lakes, and groundwater. And for the waters of the seas and oceans there are their own special holidays - the Day of the Sea and World Oceans Day.

What activities can draw attention to water issues? First of all, these are “round tables” and assemblies at the highest level. Over the years since the holiday, the heads of the UN member states have adopted several resolutions aimed at the international protection of freshwater.

International funds dedicated to solving environmental problems do not stand aside either. Under the auspices of environmental funds, marathons and competitions, processions and rallies, conferences and festivals are held.

Water festival

However, events on this day are not only global, international in nature. Increasingly, ordinary citizens - activists, students, simply caring people are joining the movement for clean water. They urge to conserve water resources, telling - and showing - the importance of the right attitude to drinking water.

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