Warm dresses in a modern wardrobe

Any modern fashionista should be aware,that there is no more feminine outfit than a dress. It is this wardrobe that belongs exclusively to women. Therefore, in your closet, there must necessarily be several models of feminine dresses for every occasion of life. But in winter, beauty often gives way to comfort and warmth. But the true fashionista will always find beautiful, but warm dresses for the cold.

Models for winter

Warm dressesIn the cold season, the hit of the season, of course,are warm knitted dresses. Pay special attention to the choice of size. The dress should not even be a bit too small. Remember that when washing it can sit down a little. Choose better at half the size. But the question "with what to wear knitted dresses" unequivocal answer does not exist. It all depends on the style of the model. Usually warm clothes are best combined with tight pantyhose and shoes with heels. Such a set can be considered universal, you can dress it in the office, and in a cafe for a get-together with friends. Warm dress tunics are well combined with leggings and narrow jeans. This is a modern kit in the style of Casual. Another plus, which conceals a warm dress, is a wide selection of outerwear. For this outfit, you can wear both a down jacket and a coat. A combination of dress and vest will be beneficial. Choose a leather vest for a slightly aggressive and active image. Or put on a fur vest to make the model even softer and cozy. Dress with a short sleeve can be worn with a white or colored blouse made from natural fabrics.

How to choose a model from the figure

Knitted warm clothesIf you are the owner of magnificent shapes, then you needremember a few rules. In general, full ladies should avoid knitted dresses. Choose models from dense fabrics with a long sleeve. Very gorgeous looks dresses in a gorgeous lady. But if you still dream of having a knitted dress in your wardrobe, then pay attention to the density of knitting. It is better to give preference to a very tight, even tight binding, so that the model "collects" your figure. Another nuance is the thickness of the weave. Try not to choose three-dimensional dresses with thick viscous, since they will visually make you even more magnificent. Successful style will be a dress-tunic. The shape in the form of a long sweater is preferred to the owners of long and beautiful legs. But the dress-gum is recommended only for girls with an ideal figure, as it will show all the advantages and disadvantages.

Accessories for a warm dress

Warm Knitted DressesIf you need to make the kit morefestive, it is worth adding active and noticeable accessories. For example, very fashionable in 2013, decorative collars. But remember that such an ornament can be worn only if the neckline of the dress allows (there is no gate). Knitted warm dresses also take themselves as belt assistants. The dress of dark color will be beneficial to look with a bright contrasting belt. Another accessory that can decorate your kit is a bracelet. In this season at the peak of popularity large bracelets. Do not forget about shoes. If your warm dresses are modest and dark colors, then shoes are best to choose a colored one.

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