Victory flower - one of the main symbols of May 9

For more than a decade in our country in a big waythe epoch-making date is celebrated on May 9. On this day, all the participants of the Great Victory take to the streets of cities to remember the events of the war years and honor the memory of those who died defending the independence of our country in the fight against the fascist yoke. Flowers are laid to obelisks, monuments, memorials, which throughout Russia number tens, hundreds and thousands. And of course, festive bouquets are handed to the surviving veterans, who, unfortunately, every year becomes less. Of course, each of them is worthy to receive the flower of the Victory.

What flowers are accepted to give to the participants of the Second World War

Celebrations on the occasion of the Victory Daypass in the May days, when the street is warm, green and sunny. And this means that relatives and friends of WWII veterans have a choice of what flowers to present to the liberator soldiers. But not everyone knows which Victory flower is best to give. Of course, on May 9, it is customary to congratulate our grandfathers and great-grandfathers with bouquets collected from representatives of red flora.

Flower of Victory

No, if you give a veteran a bouquet of lilies of the valley andnarcissuses, this will not be a serious mistake, but still this option should be an alternative in case you could not stock up with more suitable compositions in advance.

What does red color symbolize?

Everyone knows that the first flower of the Victory is a scarlet carnation. But why in the holiday of May 9 is this color preferable?

Red (scarlet) tone is a symbol of spilled blood in battles and battles with German invaders.

Among other things, carnation belongs to the categoryplants that slowly fade, therefore, they will deliver much more positive emotions to veterans than any other flowers. But is the Victory flower only a carnation? In fact, this is not so.

Alternative options

If for some reason you did not manage to buy cloves for the veterans, and on May 9th the holiday, you can get out of the predicament by buying red tulips.

Flowers for Victory Day

Yes, it is also the relevant flowers for Victory Day. Due to the colorful red tinge, they can not help but cause associative feeling when it comes to a great date, but in terms of their significance they stand in second place after the carnations. However, tulips can also cause a festive mood on May 9. In addition, the shape of this flower is very much like an eternal flame, which is also a vivid embodiment of the Victory Day.

As an addition to tulips, you canuse irises and violets - they will personify the composition of protection, peace and peaceful skies overhead. The combination of red tulips and yellow gerberas will create a spring mood.

Also it will not be a mistake if you presentinstead of carnations and tulips of poppies. These flowers are a symbol of death, sacrifice and rebirth. There is a legend that scarlet poppies grow mainly where the blood of Russian soldiers was shed.

Thus, the first flowers of the Great Victory arescarlet carnations, tulips and poppies. However, this does not mean at all that it is not possible to give other liberators plants to liberators, they simply should be used as a reserve option. In the end, the main thing is your attention, which you give to your grandfathers.Flowers of the Great Victory

The 9th May Holiday unites generations

The holiday on May 9 marks both old and young. It is this date that is the link that unites generations. Naturally, the flowers for Victory Day, presented to the veteran, will be for him the most valuable gift. They once again remind him, at what price the Great Victory went to the Russian people. Even if you give a member of the Great Patriotic War just one carnation, he will already be filled with gratitude for such an act. We should not forget that the above flower is a symbol of Victory No. 1. But for the memorials and monuments where the soldiers who defended our Motherland are buried, one should already choose bouquets of tulips, poppies, carnations or peonies. And it should focus on both the color and shape of the bouquet. But children can give the most simple compositions, and they will be appreciated by the older generation.

How to make a bouquet on May 9

The shape of the bouquet should be hemispherical or round. The standard version of the composition of long colors should be deleted - it does not look too festive.

Flower symbol of Victory

It is better to stop the choice on colors with an average orshort stalk, thereby attracting attention to the inflorescence. Make sure that the packaging is open. It can not be used at all, bandaging the composition with a ribbon of St. George, which will bring additional colors to the atmosphere of the holiday. Also your grandfather will like it if you give him a basket of lilies, roses and ornamental foliage. For relatives and relatives this option is suitable. If you are planning on the street to congratulate veterans who are not familiar with, you can present one flower to each of them. And it is better to buy carnations, not tulips, as the latter quickly fade and lose their presentable appearance.

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Victory flower - one of the main symbols of May 9 Victory flower - one of the main symbols of May 9 Victory flower - one of the main symbols of May 9 Victory flower - one of the main symbols of May 9 Victory flower - one of the main symbols of May 9 Victory flower - one of the main symbols of May 9 Victory flower - one of the main symbols of May 9 Victory flower - one of the main symbols of May 9 Victory flower - one of the main symbols of May 9 Victory flower - one of the main symbols of May 9