Veranda, attached to the house.

Already ready country house sometimes you want to expand a little. Yes, so that the extension was functional and beautiful. Most often there is the idea of ​​a veranda.

This part attached to the building belongs to the unheated. Therefore, it is not necessary to make it very heavy. Veranda attached to the house will be light and airy on a lightweight foundation.

Extension of the porch to the house with their own hands: important points

First you need to solve the issue with the basic material. The balance will be disturbed if the veranda attached to the house becomes very different from it.

If the whole building is made of brick, then the extension must be made of the same material. It is logical to add the same veranda to the wooden house. A cottage, built of modern materials, asks that she had a veranda of double-glazed windows.

The second question that will affect the quality of the building is related to the age of the house. If it has not yet undergone the shrinking process, the extension will not be reliable.

Further it will be required to consider all possible projects of the verandahs attached to the house. The best option is in which the extension is located along one of the walls. Moreover, its length is 6 meters, and the width is not less than 2.5. It is desirable that the front door was inside the veranda. The walls of the construction are as open as possible. Most of them are supposed to be made of glass so that the room is always illuminated by sunlight.

The foundation for the veranda should be made at the same depth as for the house. This is necessary in order to avoid the separation of these two buildings in the future. But here it will not be necessary to make it so wide and continuous. Sometimes it will be enough just supports. It all depends on the material from which the attached veranda is made.

Attach a veranda to a wooden house with your own hands

This is the case when the foundation does not have to be solid. Any material from concrete and brick to screw piles will be suitable for its installation. The main thing is that it is not connected with the existing foundation of the house. Draft in these two buildings is very different. Therefore, once these foundations are divided and will give cracks along the walls. But this house does not need.

If it is decided to make the foundation on which the extension of the veranda to the house is to be made from pipes or piles, then they should be recessed by 1.5 meters. That is, so that they are below the mark of soil freezing. Without this safety net, the veranda will simply be pushed out into the winter cold.

In order for the wooden porch, attached to the house, served for a long time and looked effectively need a bar. It needs to be prepared in two sizes: 100 by 150 and 100 by 100 mm. The first will form the support frame, and the second will serve as vertical supports. By the way, all lines must be carefully leveled using a level. A vertical secure temporary braces, so that the design is not bent during construction.

It should be noted that the support frame will be not only the base of the frame, but also the base for the floor. On it, and you need to lay the boards after making the top horizontal trim.

An important nuance in how to attach the veranda to the house is what materials to choose for exterior and interior cladding. For the outer layer, you need those that are not afraid of moisture or are well processed and protected from getting wet.Since this is a tree, it must be processed by fire bioprotection.

Interior walls can already be any from the wall paneling to drywall. If you want to make a veranda such that will be protected from the cold in winter, you will need to perform insulation. That is, between these two layers of lining to lay a layer of insulation. At the same time you need to not forget about the vapor barrier and a small gap for ventilation. Insert wooden frames with glass panes into the prepared openings. Although, it is better to do this when the roof is already sewn up.

The last stage of construction on the roof. First, it is necessary to lay the rafters, which are filled with crate. If the walls are insulated, then the same work will be required here. The construction of the roofing material will complete the construction.

The main components in the drawing cottage veranda.

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