Upholstered furniture - we repair ourselves

November 21, 2017
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Practically in every apartment there are such familiar pieces of furniture as sofas, armchairs, various ottomans, etc. The sofa is perhaps the favorite place of family members, including pets, where you can sit comfortably to watch TV, read a book, just relax. But even the most beloved sofa with time can get a very unpresentable look. The reasons for this are many. A new sofa at a reasonable price from www.meblium.com.ua/myagkaya-mebel is the most optimal solution, but if you have a lot of time and a lot of memories associated with an old sofa, then you can try to refresh them.

 Upholstered furniture - we repair ourselves

If the upholstery of the sofa is completely worn out, it is not at all necessary to take it to the dump. You can try to return the original appearance to your favorite home interior, and do it yourself.

Hauling upholstered furniture - a very difficult job. First you need to stock up on the right tools. For work you will need:

• Furniture stapler, as well as staples for it,

• Screwdrivers

• Passatizhi,

• Scissors,

• Strong threads and needle,

• Tailor chalk.

First you need to completely disassemble the sofa (or other item of restored furniture) into the parts from which it is assembled. Then completely remove the old upholstery, while trying to damage it as little as possible. It is useful in the future as a pattern.

 Upholstered furniture - we repair ourselves

We estimate the state of foam or filler. If it is very worn out, change it to a new one.

Choosing foam rubber for furniture it is necessary to focus on its thickness, as well as density. The greater the density - the longer the foam rubber will last.

The next necessary purchase is a coarse cotton fabric, which is first covered with foam rubber, and only then the upholstery fabric will be attached.

The range of upholstery fabrics for furniture in stores is very wide. These are various tapestries, flock, velor, etc. The color solution can be chosen close to the color of the old upholstery or, on the contrary, you can purchase something completely different from the old one in both color and texture.

Making measurements of the old tapestry, you can calculate the required footage of upholstery and cotton fabric (they will be required in the same amount).The footage of the new fabric should be about 15% larger than the size of the old upholstery.

Next, it remains to cut the foam, cotton and upholstery fabrics, applying the details of the old upholstery and making the necessary allowances.

To cover every detail you need in sequence - foam rubber, cotton fabric, upholstery.

 Upholstered furniture - we repair ourselves

The final stage is the final assembly of all items. This is perhaps the most difficult moment in the entire repair process. But the final result - an updated piece of furniture - will delight all household.

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