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A middle-aged man, successful and charismatic.

Sinking confidence, he smoothly cuts through the air flow in his new car of the latest series of prestigious brands.

The white collar precisely emphasizes the line of neatly trimmed hair on its neck, the lips are slightly thinned, the bristles are barely noticeable. His glance betrays in him a financial professional, because how else?

He has a business acumen and an enviable exposure.

He is strict with his enemies, generous and fair with his friends.

A middle-aged man is young in body and soul. He knows exactly what he wants and always wants it.

He goes to his goal at his ideal pace, forcing competitors to step aside for a smoke break, but he does not smoke!

He earns enough money to ensure a comfortable life, comfortable and desirable for many, but not for him, because he has long ceased to chase after money, he focuses on massive social projects that will benefit the whole country and the whole world.

He is a philanthropist and philanthropist.

A man knows, knows and can, efforts and perseverance, wisdom and endurance, perseverance and gentleness are combined in it harmoniously. He looks perfectly calm, the fire of faith and truth burns inside him. He makes a very good impression, and not only on women.

Any woman in the world wants to have such a partner. He has many dreams at night causing a storm of erotic fantasies, others look at him with a sinking heart, others are subscribed to his instagram and watch how he once a year helps disadvantaged children in an orphanage.

His heart is an open book with a blank afterword. He chooses with whom to be and he does this exclusively with his heart, overflowing with tenderness and the desire to give his infinite love and loyalty.

A middle-aged man is adored and desired, he is free and passionate, he has strong forearms and a slender figure, he has no chronic diseases and perfect-even teeth. When he laughs everything becomes interesting and fun. He's so cute!

A middle aged man is always in business.

His business suit flutters in the wind with the finest wool that does not tolerate cheap dry cleaners, his shoes reflect the radiance of stars in distant constellations.He develops business and makes plans, he implements projects and makes a profit, he brings new products to the market and sets the pace in the industry. Almost everyone knows him. He has the coolest team of professionals in the country, his colleagues are equal to him and dream of being part of his interests. High communication and transparent relations, a middle-aged man builds a business on a level that is environmentally friendly for the psyche, he does not lie to himself and others, he believes in justice and the laws of the evicted. There is always a yoga mat in his office.

A middle-aged man is creative and creative, he writes poetry and plays the guitar, he loves to travel and brew ginger and berry tea. His wife is happy with him and their children on the front covers of fashion magazines smiling pose in fashionable clothes.

He gets along well with his wife's parents and helps all relatives with money and valuable advice. He motivates and inspires, directs towards the goal and gives a perfect sense of calm from being close to him. Happiness is a synonym for a middle-aged man.

A middle-aged man is always with you. You can touch him, hug, kiss.He understands and forgives everything, he is sensitive and attentive, he cares and protects, seduces you like for the first time and gives pleasure to love passion. You know him just like that - unreal non-existent.

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