Typical or individual project?

Projects of houses from a bar

A person decides to build his own house and acquires a suitable piece of land. What should be the next step? Of course, the preparation of the project of the future family nest! Some follow the path of least resistance by acquiring ready-made model projects. But, as a rule, this option is unlikely to fully meet the needs of the person. And where is the guarantee that a similar house will not be built next door? To avoid such embarrassment, it is better to order an individual project in the International Architectural Workshop on the site http://mam-com.by/catalog/proektyi-domov-iz-brusa/. Talented and professional architects will take into account all your wishes and make them a reality.

Experts believe that the design of residential buildings requires a unified approach to solving any problems that will inevitably arise at all stages of the construction of a truly individual and unique home. An ideal variant when in one hands both the design of houses is combined (from preliminary sketches to detailed study), and carrying out construction works, and arrangement of the nearby territory.
To determine the style of the future home and the basic laws of its planning, the project developer should try to take into account the development prospects of the customer’s family as soon as possible. For this, both the most general wishes of the customer and closer acquaintance with his family are important. This will allow to develop such a project, in which absolutely everything will be thought out, whether it be concrete works on pouring the foundation, wall material, the appearance of the main facade and even the dynamics of the house perception from different distances.
Quite often there are situations when clients turn to specialized bureaus, wanting to get a ready-made standard project, but with the changes made. People are not satisfied with such a project as an architectural image of the object, or the principle of its planning, or the location of windows and a balcony, etc. To achieve individuality, they want to redraw everything to their liking.

Projects of houses from a bar
But the work associated with the alteration of the model project can hardly be called exciting and easy! It is much easier and easier to design an object from scratch. The fact is that a fully finished project is the perfect balance of aesthetic, architectural and engineering systems.And deciding on the alteration, it is better to limit ourselves to minimal changes, for example, the color scheme and decoration of the house, a slight movement of partitions and window openings. Even such simple means will help to make a home individual. In addition, a radical redesign of the project is very expensive, comparable to the cost of a new development.

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