Types of fences. Wrought iron fence


The article describes the types of wrought fence, its advantages and disadvantages.

When choosing a fence for their site, everyone is faced with the problem of acquiring not only practical, but also beautiful protection against intruders. If the funds allow you to install any version you like, the best value will be a wrought fence - a real work of art for luxury lovers.
The design is the placement of metal rods at a short distance from each other, some of which are given a certain shape to create a pattern. It combines many positive characteristics that cause high popularity:
- durability - with timely care, the shelf life may exceed one hundred years;
- resistance to corrosion - the material is galvanized, treated with special powder and paint, which increases the service life;
- ease of operation - with the fence will not have to do almost nothing, except for painting every five years;
- uniqueness - it is guaranteed by the handiwork of the master, besides the customer himself chooses the decorative elements and their location according to their taste;
- aesthetics and refinement in the spirit of the Victorian style.
Of course, the forged fence has its drawbacks. The most significant is the high price, especially if you hire the services of a professional master. But the problem is that independent or cheap manufacturing will most likely be noticeable to the naked eye. Incorrect composition, unevenly bent rods, installed asymmetrically - even small mistakes can affect the appearance of the structure as a whole, and aesthetic pleasure will be replaced by permanent irritation. You will also have to forget about the secluded leisure in the fresh air, because the forged fence involves airiness and some transparency. For privacy it is better to choose a fence from corrugated on the site stroy-krovlja.ru. The company "Story-roofing" makes available to many.

A big plus is the ability to select the most suitable for the wishes of the customer type wrought fence. They are:
- protective - the most budget option,in which the emphasis is placed on a high level of strength and massiveness, therefore there are no decorative elements, which, however, does not cancel the elegance of the building;
- decorative - often small fences height, where the main thing - a unique artistic performance with many curls, ornaments and shapes that can take absolutely any form, which implies a fairly high price;
- combined - combining the advantages of the previous versions, consisting of straight rods with openwork details.
Before ordering a selected type of forged fence, it would not be amiss to present the finished structure in theory, considering all the nuances. You may have to go through several options. For example, decorative elements in the form of a vine or oak leaves look beautiful. In any case, the uniqueness and attractiveness of the fence depends only on the customer's imagination.

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