Types of facing bricks

Facing the house with bricks is the most common option for exterior trim. Finishing brick looks attractive, and will last a very long time. However, it is worth considering that the quality of bricks can be different. The highest quality brick is considered to withstand 50 cycles. Such brick is recommended to be used for exterior decoration of the house.

Variants of brick finish.

The facing brick differs in production technology, color, invoice, form of production. Depending on the technology and materials used, the brick can be ceramic, clinker, hyperpressed and silicate.

Clinker brick looks decorative, different density and frost resistance.
Ceramic bricks can be corpulent or hollow, made of special grades of clay. A popular type of brick finish is glazing. A textured imitation stone is also used.

Hyper pressed brick is produced without firing by high pressure.Thanks to technology, the cleavage of a hyper-pressed brick imitates a stone surface. The hyper pressed brick possesses excellent technical qualities. Its only drawback is high thermal conductivity.

Silicate brick is rarely used in the exterior because of its uniform appearance.

For facades are often used solid brick. But hollow keeps heat better thanks to the air voids inside.

The color range of ceramic and clinker bricks is extensive in its diversity. Shades can vary in different batches, so the masters, in order to circumvent this drawback, take bricks from different batches during construction.

Hyper pressed brick does not differ in color shades depending on the lot, so it is much more convenient to use it. However, this type of brick has a grayish tint due to the cement added to it.

The variety of facing bricks is represented by the reliefs and texture of the outer layer. Embossed appearance looks extremely attractive. In addition to the relief, the method of shotcrete is used.In this method mineral crumb is applied to the surface. There is also engobing - ceramic coating. Popular coating special glaze.

Textured brick attached through splitting. For this you need special equipment. Textured brick is chipped, torn, Finnish, and so on.
Ceramic bricks can have various cuts, roundings, corners, curvatures, waves.
The variety of forms and types of facing bricks allows you to make the exterior of the house original, unique and attractive.

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