Trendy hair color autumn-winter 2017-2018

Hair - decoration, a woman presented by nature itself. A stylish hairstyle at all times has been and remains an integral component of a fashionable image. Thanks to the correctly chosen shade and beautifully laid strands, you can focus on the beautiful eyes and sophisticated facial features, as well as disguise small nuances that I would like to make less noticeable.

The season of autumn-winter of 2017-2018 promises to please a variety of fashionable hairstyles and to please a wide palette of colors. Already today, there are quite clearly traced new trends in the world of hairdressing. Let's plunge into this wonderful world of beauty and harmony and find out which colors and coloring methods will remain relevant, as well as what innovations stylists, who create unique images for catwalks and covers of fashionable glossy magazines, offer fashionable women.

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Fashionable hair color trends in the autumn-winter 2017-2018

For a modern woman, staining is a standard procedure that allows you to make your home shade more saturated or to drastically change your image.Resistant and high-quality paints of professional level, in a wide assortment on the market today, perfectly hide gray hair and practically do not have a negative impact on the hair, subject to the dyeing technique.

Stylists who create images for star customers and are at the forefront of world fashion, argue that in the new season will be relevant such areas:

  • Classic - stylish colors, close to natural.
  • Youth style - creative bold combinations of different tones and shades, as well as ashy palette.
  • Epatage - bright colors (orange, purple, lilac, blue, green).
Ombre for brunetteAsh stainingFashionable red hair shadeSpectacular hair color

Fashionable colors for blondes in 2018

Undoubtedly, blond is the most fashionable hair color for many years and this fact will not change in the fall-winter 2017-2018 season. Stylists recommend blondes to pay attention to such shades as:

  • light blond;
  • peach and powder;
  • strawberries and rose quartz;
  • platinum;
  • ash tones of varying intensity.

The whole palette of classic blond shades, as well as a light pink tint of powder, will perfectly suit girls with brown eyes, and owners of blue and gray eyes should choose cool shades.It is also worth considering that the ash color is the privilege of fragile young girls, because after 30 it can visually increase the age.

Cool blonde 2018Ash Blonde 2018Platinum hair color 2018Blond in warm colors

Fashionable shades for brown-haired women and brunettes in 2018

The palette of classic brown shades is a win-win option in the autumn-winter 2017-2018 season for anyone who is looking for hair color, close to the natural range, and is not ready for experiments. For brunettes and brown-haired women who want to draw attention to themselves and comply with the latest fashion trends, professionals advise coloring in colors:

  • iced coffee;
  • dark cinnamon;
  • chocolate lilac;
  • burgundi;
  • stretching color with the transition to a rich orange, lilac or purple.

The most relevant option for owners of long hair are staining techniques that ensure a smooth transition from darker roots to brightened ends.

Fashionable color for brunetteColoring for brunettesTrendy chestnutBrunette fashion 2018

Copper shades of hair for dyeing in the season 2017-2018

Being red is fashionable, being red is stylish, but most importantly, being red is a state of mind. 2018 can be called the year of copper shades, because in the coming season, the owners of this hair color will always be in trend.

It is worth considering, and for sun-colored hair, many dyeing techniques used on dark hair are permissible.

Red hair 2018Stylish shade for red hairCopper hair 2018Youth red hair color

Unusual hair shades for 2018

In youth fashion, the relevance of staining in bright neon colors is growing. If in the 2016-2017 year, creative women of fashion painted mostly the tips, then in the upcoming season will be fashionable:

  • solid hair dyeing in bright colors (from pink to dark lilac);
  • bright roots on light and dark hair;
  • stretching color from rich bright hues to platinum;
  • rainbow coloring strands.
Colored hair 2018Fashionable color ombreRainbow stainingMulti-colored hair

How to get fashionable hair color for 2017-2018 year

The fashionable and stylish image will help create professionals owning modern methods of dyeing and possessing information about the most fashionable haircuts in 2018. We offer a review of the 10 most relevant at the moment techniques, as well as photos that will help you find an interesting idea for 2018.


The fusion of luxurious chestnut and wheat blonde or dark ash and platinum is an original solution for those who do not want to call themselves a brunette or a blonde. The effect of such coloring entirely depends on the intensity of the selected shades and the skill of the master. But, it is worth noting that brondirovanie on long hair looks very impressive.

Brondirovanie on dark hairBronding on blond hairFashionable bookingContrast Reservations


An original and beautiful technique, which in 2018 acquires radically new color solutions worthy of the attention of fashionistas. This is a combination of radically opposite shades, and bright inclusions, which are already so loved by brunettes and blondes.

Fashionable coloring 2018

Toning strands

Unlike coloring, which is performed with permanent paints, toning allows you to quickly change images. You want to surprise everyone with an unusual shade of hair, but you are not ready for such global changes on an ongoing basis - choose toning shampoos or crayons. It is worth noting that you can tint not only the tips, but also the roots. In addition, not always for this procedure, choose bright contrasting colors.

Fashionable toning strands 2018

Dual staining

Two shades with a sharp transition, as if the color is cut off under the ruler - a solution for brave and confident girls. This style of coloring on short hair will be relevant for an image in a street style or casual.

Dual staining 2018


If brondirovanie, tinted and stretching - for long-haired fashionistas, then ombre - ideal for caret. See for yourself how stylish such a variant of dyeing on short haircuts and medium-length hair looks.

Ombre for blondeOmbre for brunetteOmbre for red hairOmbre for short hair


Pixel technique is an extravagant solution proposed by Spanish stylists. It consists in drawing on the hair pattern in the form of geometric shapes, which can be arranged in a chaotic manner along the entire length. The original solution is popular, although it requires daily styling and fixing the hair in a certain position.

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