Toyota Corolla 2019

The Japanese are always carefully preparing for the release of new models, honing all the basic components and elements literally to a state of perfection. And the new season of the future Toyota Corolla is no exception. Amazing external data, high-quality details and a unique modern design, the first photos of the interior - all this largely form the features of the new, but nevertheless well-known to fans of the “Japanese” Corolla. Perhaps even among famous brands it is difficult to find such a veteran. After all, the new model is already the twelfth version of the model, first appeared on the roads a few decades ago. In the near future, the car will be offered in the most popular variations.


About conceptual decisions of the new Corolla

This is a classic sedan and a very popular hatchback today. The new body embodies the best trends of modern automotive fashion. The best-selling car of the last 10-15 years will be released on the podiums of international salons in a completely new look. The novelty of the next season has attractive qualities:

Toyota Corolla 2019

  • The excellent operational characteristics conforming to the best international standards;
  • The highest level of comfort in the process of movement, both for the driver and for passengers;
  • Components and prices perfectly match the needs of customers with different income levels;
  • The updated version, the past more than a dozen updates, all this time had an appearance that was more focused on a sporty style, whereas at the car show in New York this year, a model was presented with an unreal, futuristic exterior.

The latter was positively appreciated by experts of the car market, but not only the exterior stands out a new sedan - hatchback, other aspects also did not hide from the attention of the world automotive public. The manufacturer has scheduled an exit date for the European car market in July - August 2018, that is, in just a few days. Toyota marketers have taken into account the latest sales trends of the Corolla in the Russian market, and in recent years, consumer interest in the model has decreased significantly. Therefore, the beginning of sales in Russia today is not yet considered. But our compatriots who are interested in this model may well purchase it at motor shows in neighboring countries - members of the EEC.

Exceptionally Japanese Exterior

Toyota Corolla 2019

The design is based on the TNGA platform, which has significant reserves to continue to perform various levels of modernization and reconstruction. For the exterior, it is characteristic that the geometry and design are distinguished by elements of sports style, power and aggression. Judging by the official photos, the car has grown in size, has become more impressive and expressive. Changes in dimensions occurred in the following frames.

Length, cm 437, 0 + 4, 0
Width, cm 179, 0 + 3, 0
Height cm 143, 8 — 2, 2
Base cm 264, 0 + 4, 0

Spy photos and other information leaked into the network confirms that the designers have largely and quite successfully worked to improve the comfort for the passenger series. Besides:

  1. Before the body stands out panoramic windows, a wide hood, an exclusive set of LED-type head optics;
  2. The sides of the large grille are decorated with powerful fog lights;
  3. Corolla 2019 model year stands out with a special relief of the side planes, exclusive design of wheels and exterior mirrors.

The test drive showed excellent aerodynamic performance, provided by the geometry of the roof, the upper part of the body,spoiler on the roof, the original design of the bumper and sports body kit, delineated exhaust pipes.


Toyota Corolla 2019

Reviews of experts confirm that the salon is executed in exact following the concept of a premium car. The options that the new model Toyota has received are fully consistent with the best international standards, meeting the most demanding needs of motorists. The novelty should make a strong competition to the best brands of Europe. The latest news will delight fans of luxury. The top version will be trimmed inside with genuine leather with chrome inserts.


Presumably, a number of power units for the Corolla allows you to choose exactly those technical characteristics that meet the tasks set by the owner:

  • Two types of gasoline engines, the volume of which is 1, 2 and 2, 0 liters. , power respectively 115 and 165 horses;
  • Top - kit will receive a motor volume of 2.0 liters, squeezing 150 liters. from.

The most economical is diesel 1, 4 liters. motor, 90 horses with consumption of up to 5, 4 liters. on 100 km.

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