Topics and outline of the essay on the social science of the USE 2019

Over the past few years, social science has been confidently leading among the subjects of choice, because by adding to this certificate good EGE scores in Russian and mathematics, you can confidently apply to various universities in the country in such areas as:

  • law (also requires the exam in history);
  • psychology and pedagogy;
  • sociology;
  • media communications;
  • hotel business;
  • publishing.

Essay in the CSE in 2019

Features KIMov social studies

At first glance, the social studies exam looks much easier for graduates than physics, chemistry, or history, but in fact it will not be easy to pass the exam for 100 points in 2019, because the exam ticket contains questions from various fields of knowledge, and one of the tasks is writing an essay.

So, in the exam in social studies in 2019 will test the knowledge of graduates in such modules as:

  • right;
  • policy;
  • sociology;
  • economy;
  • philosophy.

Tasks in the tickets will be distributed as follows:

Ticket on social studies ЕГЭ 2019

In total, a participant in the Unified State Exam in social studies can score 62 primary points in 2019, of which 5 points are awarded for a well-written essay, so you should get acquainted in advance with possible mini-essay topics, prepare examples and think through what information to use in the reasoning.

You can better understand the structure of the ticket by familiarizing yourself with the real KIM, which was offered to the graduates of 2018 at the early exam session.

Topics essays for 2019

At the stage of preparation for the EGE, the FIPI never discloses a narrow circle of topics that will be included in the examination tickets. Both the examinees and teachers working at the points of the Unified State Examination will recognize them simultaneously at the time of printing the official envelope.

But, there is a kind of collection in which all possible essay topics are listed, covering the problems of the five main topics included in social studies tickets, and in 2019 this document should be one of the main for you in preparation for the Unified State Exam.

Allpdfdocuments at any time will be available on this page, but if you wish, you can download them for convenience in the modeoffline. Open format documentspdfcan be a special program or any browser installed on the device (even without an internet connection).

Essay writing plan

After reviewing what the main topics can meet in the 29 tasks for the ESS of 2019 in social studies, it is necessary to begin the practice of writing an essay. Mini-essay should have the following structure:

The structure of the essay on social studies exam 2019

Working through each topic from the modules "Philosophy", "Social Psychology", "Sociology", "Economics", "Political Science" and "Jurisprudence", it is necessary:

  • understand the essence of the problem;
  • pick up a quote;
  • build a logical chain of reasoning;
  • find arguments;
  • give examples.

To facilitate the work on the structure of the mini-works, you can use ready-made cliches. A rough outline of an essay on social studies, applicable to any topic in 2019, will be:

Of course, this is only a basic template that needs to be supplemented and expanded, using our own thoughts, knowledge base, thoughts and sayings that can be referred to, as well as experience (you can also use your own, but better described in textbooks).

For the majority of graduates who chose the Unified State Exam in social studies in 2019, making a plan for an essay is not a problem.But still, it is worth remembering such simple, but useful tips from teachers:

  • Remember - it is not a long and meaningless text that is required of you, but concise reasoning supported by facts.
  • Do not go away from the main idea, periodically returning to it in different points of the composition.
  • Do not forget to mention a few words about the author of the statement used in the essay.
  • Avoid statements and judgments that are not related to a given topic.
  • Try to describe all existing views on the problem under consideration, having considered all possible ways to solve it.

Important! The main criterion in evaluating an essay is compliance with a given topic and completeness of the disclosure of the question. If the commission decides that the essay is off-topic, it will be rated at 0 points.

Help in preparation

What if there are difficulties in the process of self-preparation?

Preparation for the exam in social studies in 2019

The easiest and correct way is to contact an experienced tutor, who will help you competently draw up an essay writing plan, identify and close gaps in knowledge of social studies and develop an individual training program for the Unified State Exam taking into account the features of 2019 tickets.

If this is not possible, use the ready-made essay options, which can also be found on the Internet. But, do not be lazy not just to learn the tests of others, but to understand them and, if possible, modify them with your own vision of the problem.

Online lessons in the format of videos, which are also easy to find on the Internet, will also be useful.

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