Top dressing of strawberry in the spring.

Strawberries are the most delicious and beloved berries that we grow in gardens and kitchen gardens. With the beginning of the summer season, the question arises: “What will fertilize strawberries in spring to increase yield and what kind of strawberry top dressing will be the best in spring?” Because you always want to get a lot of large berries. At the same time use the available fertilizer for feeding. Such as not allowed to overfeed the plants.

How to fertilize strawberries in spring?

The answer to this question will depend on the age of the bushes. If they are planted only last summer, then feeding the strawberries in early spring is not needed. The second and fourth year require the introduction of fertilizer in the complex, that is, minerals and organic matter. The third year involves the use of only minerals.

As a fertilizer for second and fourth year strawberries, it is recommended to use:

  1. for the first spring dressing - dissolve a tablespoon of ammonium sulfate in a 10-liter bucket of water, add half a liter of mullein to the same place;
  2. for the second (feeding strawberries before flowering) - for the same amount of water you will need to take two tablespoons of nitrophosphate and potassium sulfate in the amount of one teaspoon,and on each bush it is necessary to pour out such a mixture over a half-liter jar.

Bushes of the third year is enough to make the fertilizers that were used for planting strawberries. Only their number must be reduced by exactly half. For example, mix a bucket of compost with potassium salt (20 g), supplement it with urea (25 g) and strengthen with superphosphate (40 g).

It is worth noting that during the beginning of flowering and during the ripening of fruits, strawberries feel the need for potassium. Therefore, potash supplement is very popular. Potassium nitrate or chicken manure can be a source of potassium.

Rules for spring strawberry feeding

It is recommended to apply fertilizer directly under each bush. At the same time fertilizing is necessary to sprinkle with earth, which needs about two centimeters thick.

Additionally, fertilizer for strawberries in the spring is permissible to be dredged between rows. The depth of such a fossa is supposed to be done by 8-10 cm.

After applying fertilizer all the bushes must be well watered.

Foliar fertilization of strawberries in the spring will be the most effective. Since during this period the leaves are actively growing and there will be practically no loss of fertilizer.Moreover, such dressings should be done three times. First, on young green leaves, then at the beginning of flowering, and you need to complete such dressing on green ovaries. Moreover, spraying is carried out only after watering, so as not to wash off the fertilizer. And choose a dry day for this.

It was established experimentally that the lower part of the leaves of plants absorbs 10 times more fertilizer. Therefore, the treatment is recommended on both sides of the leaves.

Foliar feeding strawberries in spring

Alternatively, for spraying, you can bring this solution: for 10 liters of water, take 3 g of manganese potassium and 2 g of boric acid, add fertilizers that were used during planting. This mixture is suitable if the question of how to feed strawberries in the spring before flowering is decided.

When the first flowers have already appeared on the bushes, the specified values ​​for fertilizers are supposed to be halved. Plus, it is allowed to use potassium sulfate. It will need 2 years.

The main goal, which is carried out spring feeding of strawberries, is associated with the strengthening of bushes and the acceleration of their growth. To then they formed a strong ovary.Therefore, it is effective to spray a solution from a mixture of trace elements. There is no excess urea.

How to feed strawberries in the spring without chemicals?

As a fertilizer for strawberries to increase the yield, you can use folk remedies.

The first in this list is wood ash. It serves as a source of potassium. And this is a fertilizer that does not require advance preparation. It is enough just to sprinkle the soil with ashes and loosen it. The optimal consumption is from 200 ml of ash (this is approximately the volume of one glass) per square meter of beds. This strawberry fertilizer is carried out in early spring, when flowering has already begun.

Continues the list of mullein. It requires advance preparation. First, fill manure with water in the ratio of 1 to 15, that is, for 15 liters of water, take one manure. Leave the mixture for two weeks. Add urea to the infusion in the volume of a matchbox and wood ash (100 g) per 10 liters of the mixture. Before you feed the strawberries in the spring, this infusion must be diluted. Half a liter of such mullein must be poured into a bucket of water and watering strawberries.It is recommended to conduct such dressing during flowering. Repeat the procedure after 10 and 20 days.

The third item is feeding strawberries in spring with chicken droppings. Cooking such fertilizer relies just like mullein. Only the proportion is supposed to change a little. So for 30 liters of water you need to take 1 liter of litter. Everything else is repeated without change.

The following is worth remembering nettle infusion. It has a beneficial effect on the growth of strawberries. Prepare the fertilizer should be as follows:

  • cut nettles;
  • put it in a bucket;
  • pour warm water;
  • to cover with a lid;
  • leave for a few days.

This strawberry feeding turns out to be the most useful in the period when the harvest was already removed from the bushes.

The fifth item of natural fertilizers is rye crusts. They are recommended to be put in a bucket, having filled it on 2/3. Pour into a bucket of water and leave for a week in a warm room. When fertilizing with strawberries, dilute it with water in a ratio of 1 to 3.

Last it is necessary to mention serum or any other sour-milk product. For strawberry fertilizer it needs to be diluted (one part of the whey is recommended to take 3 parts of water).

It should be noted that if organic mulch is regularly used on the site, then a large amount of fertilizer is not required, sometimes feeding strawberries in the spring is not needed at all. Keep track of foliage status. Because strawberries are more susceptible to soil quality, and not the presence of nutrients in it. Mulch and compost contribute to the fact that the soil is loose, it actively proliferates worms. In such a situation, it is enough to add a new layer of compost or humus in the spring.

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