Top 10 best robots for Philips vacuum cleaners (Philips): a review of the best models + reviews

Regular cleaning in the house is a mandatory procedure that allows you to get rid of dust that is harmful to human health. But not everyone wants to spend their valuable time on such an activity. This problem can be solved with the help of a robot vacuum cleaner.

What is such a technique? What are its unique features? Let's look at these questions by reviewing Philips Philips vacuum cleaners and making the TOP-10 best models.

Features of automated robots

The development of modern technologies has provided an opportunity to make the process of cleaning the house completely automatic.

A high-quality and well-designed robot vacuum cleaner perfectly performs its task without human presence, which greatly simplifies life. The only thing that is needed from the owner is to indicate the desired mode of cleaning.

A variety of obstacles and walls can be avoided by the robot using special sensors. Therefore, you can not be afraid that the device is broken or stuck somewhere.

As soon as this hard worker finishes cleaning the premises, he will return to the base station, where he will unload all the collected garbage. In the same place the device charges the battery.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Often, robots, vacuum cleaners have a flat body, which allows them to clean under almost any furniture in the house. If it does get stuck, the device will give a special sound signal to the host.

Usually the device is supplied with quite an impressive number of sensors. With their help, it can navigate in space.

For example, there are mechanical contacts on the case, which record strikes against all sorts of obstacles. Also infrared and ultrasonic sensors are built into the equipment. With their help, the area of ​​the cleaned room is determined.

The kit of the absolute majority of models consists of the following components:

  • remote control;
  • virtual wall sensor, due to which the cleaned space is limited;
  • infrared beacon with a charging module - it helps to find and automatically charge the robot;
  • brush to collect wool;
  • a special beacon for dividing a room into cleaning zones.

Many modern models of robotic vacuum cleaners automatically search for a charger. This design solution provides the ability to speed up and automate cleaning.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner
The robot collects dust with brushes. Their number can vary from one to two. The latter option would be preferable. But it is important to remember that the brushes wear out quickly, so it’s good to have a few in stock.

What to look at when choosing a robot?

Today, the Dutch manufacturer, Philips is one of the market leaders in the niche of home appliances. Every person who has come across products of this brand at least once in their life, notes their high quality, durability and acceptable cost.

Philips User Reviews

In the assortment there are models of the most diverse price category. This allows each customer to choose an option for their needs and wallet.

Yes, the company’s segment of robotic household appliances is currently only developing and a small number of models are presented in the catalog.But some of them are already in great demand.

Philips brand robot
This is not surprising, since robots with Philips vacuum cleaners confirm the brand's reputation according to reviews of users who have acquired an automatic home cleaning device.

Most buyers note the excellent build quality, compliance with the actual parameters of the product stated in the passport, ease of management and maintenance of the robotic assistant.

Pros and cons of robots brand

Absolutely any technique has its advantages and disadvantages. Also, the devices have different functionality. Therefore, before making a purchase decision, you need to find out the maximum amount of information.

Some people are ambiguous about cleaning robots. But their opinion can be changed if you give a list of the advantages of such devices:

  1. Autonomy. Cleaning of the room is carried out in a fully automatic mode, without the presence of a person.
  2. Quality. The robot thoroughly cleans every corner and collects all the garbage, without missing anything.
  3. Cleaning at any time. You can set the program and send it to work at any convenient time. For example, you can run it, leaving for work.Agree that to return to a clean apartment is a pleasure.

At the same time, the device has a rather modest height to everyone, which does not exceed 13 cm. Therefore, it will not be difficult for it to climb even into the farthest corners of the room and carry out a quality cleaning.

Among the minuses should be highlighted the fact that in certain places of the room, for example, in the corners or some narrow spaces, the robot can not collect dust.

This is due to the round shape of the case. Therefore, in some cases, the device still needs help.

Robot Vacuum Sensors
So that after cleaning with the help of a robot there are no spots left, then before setting the program, it is necessary to remove all possible wires and small furniture from the path of the device

It is also worth noting that after each cleaning there is a need to clean the brushes and the dust bin. Do not always want to do this.

But you can simplify the cleaning of the dust collector, if you buy a model with a vertical container. In this case, accidentally scatter the collected garbage just will not work.

The principle of operation and features of operation

Robotic technology is adjusted by parameters such as the number of cleanings and time.In this case, the device itself draws up a plan of movement and battery charge level, if necessary, approaching the base and charging.

HimThe principle of work is to collect small debris using brushes. All dust is stored in a special tank..

As a rule, in the construction there is a blade brush, which directly cleans the floor, as well as two rotating in the opposite directions of the shaft, raking garbage into the container. A vacuum cleaner is used to collect the remaining dirt.

Cleaning with a Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Many modern models also incorporate a special filter. It cleans the air coming out of the device and holds all kinds of dust and dirt particles.

A good choice would be products equipped with a detergent spray function. They can be used for the wet cleaning of laminate, ceramic tile, carpet, linoleum and other varieties of coating.

Top 10 best robots

Before buying such an innovative and complex technique, it will be useful to understand its main characteristics and get acquainted with the best models.

Therefore, let us single out the top ten most productive, compact and practical units of the Philips brand.

Model # 1 - Philips FC 8774

The main advantage of the device lies in its thinner case. The height is only 6 cm. Such dimensions provide an opportunity to clean up even in the most inaccessible places in the apartment.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner FC8774
With its small size FC 8774 is equipped with a wide nozzle. Therefore, cleaning will take a minimum of time and the quality of collecting dust and debris will not be affected.

The model is equipped with a systemSmart Detection. The essence of the technology is to adapt the cleaning mode for a specific room. The presence of several smart sensors, accelerometer and gyroscope allows you to make the process completely autonomous.

FC 8774 can work for 130 minutes. High-power lithium-ion battery ensures long and efficient work assistant. At the same time, the robot charges in the shortest possible time.

To overcome the low thresholds, the device is equipped with a 4-wheel drive. Such a competitive advantage allows FC 8774 to be much less stuck and independently get to all sorts of hard to reach places.

As for the cost, it is low and amounts to about $ 400. In this case, the manufacturer gives a warranty for 2 years.Therefore, in case of any problems, the buyer can exchange or return the product.

Model # 2 - Philips FC 8776

The FC 8776 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is notable for its small size and impressive performance. He invites the user to use one of 4 modes of operation. Therefore, to choose the best for your apartment is not difficult.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner FC8776
If necessary, the robot can set a schedule for the whole day. This will help pre-plan the cleaning. For example, a good solution would be to ask the start of cleaning the room when everyone leaves for work and nobody is at home.

On a single charge FC 8776 can work for two hours. At the same time, the level of intensity of the emitted sound does not exceed 58 dB.

For comparison, the volume of a quiet conversation is about 60 dB. It should be noted that the battery charge is replenished within 4 hours.

This model, as well as the above analogue, is equipped with technologySmart detection. For orientation of the device in space, 18 different types of sensors are used. Therefore, problems during operation will not arise.

I would also like to note the sensor steps. Thanks to him, the device analyzes the room and prevents jamming.Although due to the 4-wheel drive problems with overcoming thresholds up to 1.7 cm high should not appear.

We offer a review of the characteristics of the model FC 8776 in the video:

Model # 3 - Philips FC 8792

It would seem that the height of the 6 cm vacuum cleaner is a limit that is rather difficult to overcome. But the engineers at Philips don't care.

Thus, the model FC 8792 has a height of only 5.8 cm. Due to this, even very low furniture will not become a problem when cleaning the room.

Even with its dimensions, the device is equipped with a two-stage cleaning system. Garbage is collected with the help of two wide side brushes and a vacuum cleaner.

Well, the output filterUltraHygiene EPA12efficiently cleans the air, keeping the finest dust. It collects about 99.5% of all kinds of polluting particles.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner FC8792
Contrary to its compactness, the robot vacuum cleaner version FC 8792 has an impressive capacity. Thus, the suction power reaches 600 Pa, which provides an opportunity to carry out cleaning quickly and efficiently.

Due attention would be paid to a convenient container for collecting dust. It can be cleaned without any problems. At the same time it will not be necessary to touch the polluted details and components.

Control of the FC 8792 is as simple and intuitive as possible. In order for the device to start work, you need to press only one button. Be sure that even a person who is far from modern technology will have no problems during operation.

The following video will help to understand the features of the FC 8792 model in question:

Model # 4 - Philips FC 8810

If you need an inexpensive, but reliable and durable robot vacuum cleaner, then you should pay attention to the model FC 8810. In this case, the height of the device is about 8 cm and the weight reaches 1.93 kg.

Yes, this version can not boast a two-hour work duration. But for cleaning a small apartment 90 minutes would be enough.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner FC8810
The voltage on the battery is 14.8 V, and the consumption of electricity in standby mode drops to 0.65 watts. And it will take only 3.5 hours to replenish the charge.

Philips engineers even in low-cost models fully implement the technologySmart detection.

Thus, the FC 8810 model is equipped with two dozen sensors, which, coupled with the ability to overcome 1.5 cm thresholds, makes the device really practical.

The complete set of the robot consists of the following accessories:

  • power adapter;
  • filter;
  • a pair of side brushes;
  • remote DI;
  • base station.

The functionality is pretty impressive.The user can set the schedule for 24 hours, as well as select one of 4 modes of residential cleaning.

We offer to see a review of the robotic vacuum cleaner FC 8810 of the Philips brand, made by its owner:

Model # 5 - Philips FC 8820

The most popular model from Philips today is FC 8820. This rich black or chrome-plated copper device has earned the respect of users due to its agility.

The robot is oriented in space due to 25 sensors, which today is an absolute record. With such a set, he will not have difficulties in cleaning the premises, even with the most intricate form.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner FC8820
The FC 8820 model can carry out cleaning in one of 4 operating modes. The device cleans such floor coverings as laminate, tile, parquet, linoleum and even carpet

The device works due to the lithium-ion battery. Without recharging, he can clean the premises for two hours. But it is important to note that FC 8820 creates quite a lot of noise during operation - its volume is about 63.4 dB.

The weight and dimensions are almost the same as the FC 8810 model. The only difference in these parameters is that the FC 8820 is a bit heavier.

The functionality of the device is extensive. There is an opportunity to create a cleaning schedule for the week.Also, the user can activate the turbo mode, and the virtual wall will allow you to set the boundaries of the cleaned area.

We offer you to get acquainted with the capabilities of the model, which are shown in the video from the user Philips FC 8820:

Model # 6 - Philips FC 8822

When you need to purchase the most efficient cleaning assistant, you should pay attention to the robot vacuum cleaner FC 8822. It differs from its counterparts with a carefully thought-out and well-designed system for cleaning dirt.

The model is equipped with a 3-stage cleaning system. Large debris and dust is collected using a pair of long and wide brushes. After that, the dirt is sucked with a vacuum cleaner. Next, a special removable cloth collects the remaining fine dust.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner FC8822
The FC 8822 robot vacuum cleaner has in its arsenal a special sensor that allows you to recognize the most polluted areas. In this area, it stops for a longer time in order to collect all possible garbage and dust.

For orientation in space, the model uses 25 sensors, among which there are infrared. The kit also has an invisible wall that allows you to limit the cleaned area.

Regarding the duration of the operation, the FC 8822 is operational for two hours. Charging in the same way as in the case of analogues, will take about four hours.

Below is an expert review of the FC 8822 model, which highlights the main advantages of the updated version of the Philips brand:

Model # 7 - Philips FC 8794

Need a technician with an ultra-thin body? Or you need to order a high-performance appliance that performs high-quality cleaning? In any case, FC 8794 would be a great solution.

The secret of the model’s popularity lies in the built-in 3-stage cleaning system and a height of 5.85 cm. Such structural features provide the device with an opportunity to reach even the most hard-to-reach places.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner FC8794
The suction power of FC 8794 reaches 600 Pa. This is more than enough to remove even complex contaminants. Well, a roomy 0.4 liter dust collector makes cleaning the most simple and convenient

The model is designed for an average operating time of approximately 105 minutes. The time required for recharging reaches 4 hours. Such a lithium-ion battery will be enough to clean a small apartment.

Included with the device are the following accessories:

  • remote DI;
  • filter;
  • base for recharging the drone;
  • Power Supply;
  • nozzle made of microfiber;
  • side brushes.

The device has a rather original design in high-tech style. It comes in two colors: the case may be black or the buyer may prefer a neon blue tint.

Wonderful review of the automated assistant, made an active user and lover of smart technology. The video shows the capabilities of FC 8794 and its technical equipment:

Model # 8 - Philips FC 8710

The FC 8710 model appeared on the market in 2016 and immediately became popular and loved by buyers. It is not surprising, because such a robot vacuum cleaner has quite good performance characteristics.

He can cope with even the most difficult task of cleaning, and the model's price tag is about 25 thousand rubles, which is quite a lot.

Robot vacuum cleaner FC 8710
To control the robot vacuum cleaner, the manufacturer suggests using the remote control when operating a drone. It is completely provided free of charge and allows you to adjust the mode of the device

First of all, attention is given to the possibility of self-diagnosis. With its help, you can as accurately as possible to find out the cause of the illness of a little helper, if the need arises.

As for the functionality, the user has the opportunity to choose one of 4 modes of operation, among which there is a convenient program."Along the walls"when you want to get out of the plinth as much as possible.

The FC 8710 robot is capable of continuously working up to 2 hours thanks to a capacious type batteryLi-ion. But to restore the charge will take at least 4 hours.

For trouble-free orientation in the room and maximum exclusion of injuries, FC 8710 was equipped with a soft bumper and various sensors that take care of the safety of the model. Even the steps to this robot are not terrible.

Its noise at work is about 58 dB, which is pretty decent for vacuum cleaners. Efficiency of cleaning is provided by side brushes.

Many owners are pleased that the FC 8710 robot is able to climb onto a 1.5 cm high carpet and clean it thoroughly.

More information about the features of this model will help the following video:

Model # 9 - Philips FC 8700

Philips engineers have done the impossible.They managed to fit the excellent functionality into the case with a height of only 6 cm. The FC 8700 model is a vivid example of high-quality, carefully designed and highly efficient technology, equipped with 12 sensors.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner FC8700
The uniquely slim case provides an opportunity to get away in places that other models would never have been able to reach. Therefore, the space under almost any sofa, chair or table will be perfectly cleaned.

This model is also devoid of the common lack of robotic vacuum cleaners - the impossibility of cleaning in the corners. This problem was solved by using long side brushes, with which you can collect the maximum amount of dirt and dust.

As for management, it is simplified to the maximum. So, to activate the robot, you need to press only one button and the drone will start cleaning. At the same time, its noise level will be 56 dB.

FC 8700 is able to work up to 2 hours, and it will take the same amount of time to replenish the charge.

Model # 10 - Philips FC 8802

If you are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner, who will do the cleaning instead of the hostess and will do everything quickly and efficiently, then you can pay attention to the FC 8802.

Its flat body and long nozzles provide the opportunity to collect dirt in the places where it accumulates the most.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner FC8802
The robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with several dozens of sensors, among which there are infrared ones. Thanks to this, the FC8802 can be easily oriented in the space of an apartment, and can also identify and overcome various obstacles.

The device has a 2-stage cleaning system. Two side brushes collect dust, after which it is drawn in by vacuum. At the same time, to avoid air pollution, an output filter is used that holds even the smallest particles of debris.

The main disadvantage and the reason for putting this model in last place is in the operating time. Get out FC 8802 can only for 50 minutes. After that, the battery charges for at least 4 hours.

You can learn more about the capabilities of the model in the following video, looking at an example of a robot cleaning one of the owner’s rooms:

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The subtleties of choosing a robotic cleaner in the apartment:

What mistakes often make when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner? All of this in more detail in the video:

If you look at the reviews of the robots of the brand’s vacuum cleaners, you can safely say thatPhilips is a practical, high-quality and reliable technology. It is useful in absolutely any home.At the same time, its cost is more than adequate, therefore, a buyer with any income level can afford such technological innovation..

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