Toasts for the New Year 2019

On the eve of the celebration of the Year of the Earth Pig, traditional activities at the workplace will be held, so you should prepare toasts for the corporate party for the New 2019 in advance in order to congratulate your colleagues with dignity. In most cases, the comic form is acceptable, but humor may differ depending on the type of activity. For example, not every team will be delighted with jokes about “swine behavior” and similar common folk expressions, hints. For this reason, it is important to choose the right toasts so as not to be in an uncomfortable position.

Writing or selecting such small congratulatory texts for corporate parties, it is recommended to adhere to simple rules:

  1. the toast should not be offensive to one, a group (department) or all employees;
  2. it is not necessary to mention in the New Year's greetings about the burning issues;
  3. humorous texts are best checked by telling several colleagues and making sure one hundred percent hit;
  4. if in doubt, it is better to choose traditional congratulations and wishes (much depends on the submission too);
  5. it is better to have two or three spare options in case of failure of the selected toast or, conversely, success and the wishes of the team to give you a word one more time.

The best toasts for the New Year 2019

Universal Toast

The universal option is good because it is suitable for any event: family, corporate party, friendly company and so on. In addition, not necessarily a toast to the New Year 2019 should contain a reference to the nature of the celebration or even the mention of the sign under which the coming year will pass. A few examples:

On New Year's Eve, it is customary to desire miracles, health and love. But I wanted to wish everyone happiness, because without him it is impossible to be completely healthy, to experience love and to see miracles. May everyone present at this holiday be happy!

New Year is considered to be a holiday filled with magic. Perhaps this is due to the belief in Santa Claus, which we have been vaccinated since childhood. But even as adults, we do not lose this feeling, expecting something special on this day. I want to wish everyone that his expectations were met, dreams came true, goals were realized.

They say that one in the field is not a warrior, one bee does not get much honey.May friendship and relationships remain strong and unbreakable in the coming year.

Loyalty, mutual respect and love - three whales, on which a strong family and friendly relations. May happiness and well-being reign in the family of every guest present, let only faithful friends surround and good people meet on the way.

In the New Year's Day, it is impossible not to raise a glass for our parents, family and work. These are components of our life. I wish long years to your fathers and mothers, happiness to the family, so that the work was loved and interesting.

Original New Year's toasts for the 2019 meeting

New Year's toasts by 2019 in verse

Texts in poetic form are much easier to memorize, they are better perceived by listeners. Here it is recommended to avoid humorous experiments, if there is no certainty that the public will normally accept the selected jokes. But if you do not have to doubt the success and the toast will be said in a friendly company or in the family, feel free to joke, because the New Year is in the yard.

We offer New Year's toasts by 2019 in several versions:

Raising my glass for the New Year.

May he bring happiness and good luck to all.

May love and kindness reign in every home.

And well-being never leaves.

This holiday gives us all the magic.

Let everyone in the Year of the Pig be all right.

Let your faces glow smile.

And happiness will never be unsteady!

Happy New Year with a new happiness!

I raise my glass for you, friends.

May we all have a fate in power,

But let it be a mountain for us always!

The chimes are beating and the firecrackers are noisy, the fireworks fascinate everyone!

The New Year is coming to us noisily, cheerful laughter reigns everywhere!

For you, friends, for you, family, I raise my glass!

Let all that everyone wished come true rather!

Let's spend the past year with dignity,

And later we will meet a new one, we are noisy and have fun!

Let it go easy for everyone

But not too much, so as not to become covered with mold.

Let joy and laughter reign at our table,

And behind the window the snow is falling quietly.

Let everyone get what he wants.

May no one on Earth ever suffer!

I will raise the glass for the cloudless sky

Let resentment and anger clean up into fiction!

We are greeted with a smile in the coming year

Only joy and happiness, not an ounce of sadness!

New Year's toasts for the corporate party 2019

Original and funny toasts

Humor, if it is quality and harmless, is always appropriate. But everyone has their own sense of humor, so it is better to choose options that will be clear to all those present. In the New Year, everyone should have fun, not a separate group.It happens that is ridiculous from a toast, it becomes only to the person who told him. To avoid this, use the suggested toasts:

I thank you for giving me the right of the first toast and I want to say goodbye to everyone, because this is the last moment today when we see ourselves sober.

How to celebrate the New Year, so spend it. Guys, we still have a chance to turn these gatherings into a real fun party.

Let's drink to the Snow Maiden and Santa Claus! May each of us, like them, not be ill, not age and always have money for good gifts for relatives, friends and colleagues.

The dog said a friendly goodbye, and ran away, waving its tail. Pig cautiously and solidly doing, without haste, enters every house. Let's not defame the name of the patron of the year this year, because, as you know, in anger this animal is scary.

Today, at the official level, the following expressions are prohibited: “behave like a pig,” “scream like a pig,” and the like discrediting the symbol of the coming year. I raise a glass to bring happiness and wealth to every home.

Selection of Christmas toasts in 2019

Interesting New Year's toasts

There is a special category of toasts, in which there is a certain promise, there is a philosophical thought.Such congratulatory texts are always attentively listening and highly appreciated by those present.

When Santa Claus blinded the Snowman he had some snow left and he asked what else he needed. The snowman could not answer the question, the wise creator gave him a snowball and asked him to blind himself what he deems necessary. I raise this glass so that each of us has the opportunity to independently build our life.

Everything in life has its color and the more colors, the brighter and happier the picture of life. The monochrome version with white and black stripes is, of course, a classic, but in this case it is out of fashion forever. Let's drink to the rainbow colors of our life and bright events!

Serious and boring adults grew out of cheerful, carefree and dreaming children. I wish each of us to always remember this child and sometimes trust him with the reins of his life. Let it be infrequent, but these moments will be the most memorable.

One day, the sage was asked if he truly believed in the power of a horseshoe weighed over his door. To which he replied that the horseshoe brings happiness, regardless of whether he believes in it or not.Let's drink to luck! May she accompany us in life, even when we have lost faith in her.

The proposed New Year's toasts by 2019 are mostly suitable for corporate events, family parties and friendly get-togethers.

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