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Tips for sticking foam tiles

January 28, 2018

For decoration of the ceiling there are many types, differing from each other as the material and cost. The use of ceiling tiles is one of the most inexpensive ceiling trim options. This is due both to the low cost of manufacturing material (foam) and ease of installation. However, cheapness does not mean poor appearance - the ceiling tile is very Tips for sticking foam tileslooks good if you stick it with high quality.

The process of installing ceiling tiles is not very complicated, and it can be completely realized by a person who does not have special construction skills:

1. Prepare the foundation.
The base under the tile should be smooth and durable. If after removing the old finish (old wallpaper, whitewashing, etc.) the ceiling meets these requirements, then no additional events can be carried out. The main thing is good primed the entire area.If additional finishing is still needed, then the quality requirements for the surface are comparable to the requirements for wallpaper.

2. Consider the placement of elements.A very important stage of work on which the beauty of the coating will depend. The ceiling tile basically has a standard size of 50x50 cm, so it is easy to plan its placement on the ceiling. For simplicity, you can make a drawing on paper, paying special attention to the edges of the ceiling. Usually try to place the tile from the center, leaving the trimmed fragments at the edges. But in some cases, sticking begins from the edge, if the opposite wall contains high, ceiling elements of the interior. It can be kitchen cabinets or high furniture, which makes it possible to place cut tiles above them.

3. Do not rush during pasting.Orienting how to place the hotel fragments, you can start sticking. To make the rows even, the first row is laid along the broken control line, the width of the slabs. In this case, the margin can be given a margin of 5-10 mm, still this gap will be closed with a frieze. For installation, it is best to use a paste-like adhesive for foam plastic: it is applied with small dots around the perimeter and the area of ​​the plate. Due to the low weight, there is no need to spread it all over.Ceiling tile is glued very easily, the main thing is to accurately expose it in relation to the control line and the rest of the elements, and when you press it, observe caution. The remains of the glue come out are removed with a damp sponge. The edges will need trimming, which is done very easily, the main thing is to draw an exact line on the reverse side, and then use a sharp stationery knife and a long ruler to cut. Tips for sticking foam tiles

4. Finishing the perimeter frieze.
After the entire area of ​​the ceiling is framed, its perimeter must be trimmed with a frieze of the same material. It is best to do the next day, letting the ceiling dry well.

Subsequently, the ceiling of foam tiles can be painted with water-based paint: a brush is better suited for this than a roller, because of the texture of the elements.

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