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Tips for building a bath

January 26, 2018

Tips for building a bathAt any dacha need a bath. You can order a turnkey bath, but any good owner wants to build it himself. This is, firstly, cheaper, and secondly, there is reason to be proud.

1. Preparation for construction. First select the correct area:

☑ it should be slightly sloped

Outflow of water is directed past the remaining structures,

Consider the distance to adjacent structures of at least 5 meters.

2. Laying the foundation.On flat terrain it is better to use a shallow-tape foundation, and on uneven areas - columnar or screw. The main thing is that the foundation was at a slight inclination.

3. Work with a bar.You can buy timber from larch, pine or oak - the most hardy tree species, preferably cut from December to March. It is obligatory to dry the timber for at least a month in the conditions of natural ventilation under the mounted cover.Look for parallel bars for the presence of knots, as they further dry out and may fall out, forming holes. The timber can be either profiled or glued. Depending on its installation, we make cuts using templates selected in advance. After this, it is necessary to process each one by working out the engine oil, this will increase the water resistance of the bars.

Tips for building a bathTips for building a bath

4. Masonry walls.There is no need to attach the first row of timber to the foundation, because the gravity of the walls will firmly fix the structure, just fill the gaps between them with foam. It is necessary to make a check, applying the level, horizontal position of the installed crown, it depends on this whether further distortions will appear throughout the structure.

Then you need to lay a layer of insulation, It can be as inexpensive tow or moss, and not cheap, but the most practical jute tape. Subsequent layers of the bars are fastened with wooden nigel or metal pins. The last two rows of timber can not be left without attachment.

5. End of construction.On top of the last row of the timber lay boards, which are covered with slate or roofing felt. After that, the log house is forgotten for 7-8 months and left to shrink.Door and window openings should be cut out after the bath has passed this procedure - installed before it, they are subject to deformation.

Yes, building a bath on your own will give you a lot of trouble and take a lot of time, but the reward for your work will be a great opportunity to steam in it with all my heart!

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