Tickets for the 2018 FIFA World Cup

The upcoming competition to be held in the Russian Federation is a great opportunity to be involved in historical events in the sports life of the planet. Many people think that to get to the championship, the lot of the elect. We can encourage you. Well-informed and quick-moving people have enough chances to visit the World Cup 2018. Moreover, residents of our country will have the opportunity to buy tickets much cheaper. Next, we suggest finding out when they will start selling, where you can buy and how much subscriptions cost.


What is known about the competition

The 2018 World Cup is the twenty-first world championship organized by FIFA. It will be held June 14, 18 - July 15, 18 in the Russian Federation. For the first time, our country was honored to host such an important event in the sports world. It will also be held for the first time simultaneously in Europe and Asia and in Eastern Europe. This large-scale event will be held in eleven cities of Russia. Competitions will cover twelve stadiums. The decision that Russia will become the mistress of the next championship was made by FIFA on 02.12.2010. More than half the countries voted for this.

The main competition (opening and final) will be held at the central sports arena of the capital "Luzhniki". To hold the semi-finals awarded Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Confederations Cup

A year before the World Cup, another important sporting event will take place - the Confederations Cup (CC). This tournament will be a rehearsal for the World Cup, because it has the same program as the main event. KK will take four Russian cities:

  1. Moscow;
  2. St. Petersburg;
  3. Kazan;
  4. Sochi.

QC 2017 is the eighth competition of this type. It will fight eight teams from different continents. These will be the winners of the six continental championships and the teams of the current world champion and the host country. While five victors are known - teams:

  • Australia;
  • Germany;
  • Mexico;
  • Russia;
  • Chile.

It remains to determine the winners in the European Championship, the OFC Cup and the African Cup.

Tickets for the 2018 FIFA World Cup

All participants will be drawn and divided into two groups. The first QC meeting will be held between Germany and Russia on June 17, 2017 at the Zenit Arena (St. Petersburg). Group games will end on 06/24/17. Then the semi-final will take place, where two best four teams will compete. The winner of QC will be announced 02.07.17. At the same time, the third winner will be determined at Otkritie Arena (Moscow).

The cost of QC competitions is identical with the World Cup, as they will be held on the same sports grounds.True, only four of the twelve stadiums are involved.

The cost of tickets for the World Cup 2018

Documents of four categories will be implemented. The first is traditionally intended for the fans of the country that hosts the tournament. Their cost will differ significantly from all others. So it was already in the Republic of South Africa and Brazil. Their number will be 350 thousand. The following tickets are meant for all other fans.

The matches themselves also have different categories. It all depends on the stage of the World Cup. The group stage has a separate category and the competition is the cheapest here. The exception is the opening match with the team host of the tournament. Its cost is the same as the final game.

Playoff competitions are more expensive than group ones and their price will constantly increase with the approach of playoffs.

The most expensive include:

  • semifinal matches;
  • final game.

All of them take place on prestigious venues.

The most expensive packages will be hospitality. They can be ordered now. A number of VIP packages are planned, designed for separate groups of matches.These can be games of a certain national team or matches held on a specific sports ground. The service is estimated at thousands of dollars. Possible and purchase VIP lodges. They cost from 1.4 million dollars. And you can buy part of the box for several people.

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi and Kazan offer the so-called "Royal Lodges", designed for forty people. Prices for them depend on the city:

In Moscow: 49.9 thousand dollars
In Sochi, Kazan: 24.9 thousand dollars

Start of sales

Tickets for the World Cup 2018 will begin to sell after the end of QC. The start of the first sales is scheduled for 01.12.2017. VISA card holders can do this even earlier from November 8 to 17, 2017.

All access documents can be purchased through the official FIFA website.

Specific Numbers

Foreigners can buy tickets at the following price:

Categories Cost / $
I 105
II 165
III 210

For our fans, the cost of input documents will be:

Cost, rub.
Opening 3200
Group 1280
1/8 final 2240
1/4 finals 3808
For the third place 3808
Semifinals 4480
The final 7040

The most inexpensive documents will be for 960 rubles. Immediately it should be noted that no benefits for children are planned. True, FIFA is going to organize discounts for people with disabilities. More information can be found by visiting the official website of the organization.

If you compare prices with the World Cup, held in Brazil, the picture looks like this:

  • cheap tickets for foreign fans - $ 90;
  • The passing document for the final was $ 440-990;
  • Brazilian citizens - $ 30
  • pensioners and students - $ 15.

Buy is allowed no more than six tickets. The number of games also falls under the limit. That is, one person can get no more than sixty forms.

Tickets for the World Cup 2018. Sales start, cost

Where to buy tickets

Access documents for the World Cup can be purchased exclusively on the FIFA portal by going to a separate section. However, you must first register.

The official website warns that any attempt to sell tickets through unauthorized intermediaries is illegal. FIFA is entitled to require information from the fan about how the input document was acquired.

The Football Federation will organize the sale of tickets in all cities of the World Cup. They will be organized centers for the sale of input documents. The last stage is the distribution of subscriptions that could not be realized before.

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