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When choosing finishing materials, it is always necessary to take into account the special conditions of the space. Firstly, the dirt from the street gets here, and secondly - cold air enters. Therefore, the coating must be cleanable, but it does not respond to temperature changes.

The floor in the hallway in the modern style can be “lined” with ceramic tiles, laminate flooring or parquet. Materials such as natural stone or wood are expensive goods, but wear out rather quickly.

Basically it is a flat solid floor with a small carpet at the entrance. This option is suitable for a more minimalistic look. You can diversify the design with the help of tiles with geometric patterns that are extremely popular today. Stylish looking products of hexagonal shape, resembling a honeycomb.

Smooth walls painted in neutral, less often bright color look modern and reserved. The disadvantage of such a coating is that the base for painting should be perfectly smooth, without any irregularities or cracks.

To hide the small flaws, you can stay on the wallpaper, while even vinyl varieties are suitable for non-residential areas.Plastic panels, although they have a wide design variation, can take precious centimeters of space.

The best solution for modern hallway are single-level stretch ceilings. They hide the flaws of the surface, communication, and also allow you to install built-in lights that provide uniform illumination. The design is amenable to cleaning, but can be damaged with a slight mechanical impact.

In homes with low walls, it is more rational to choose a plastered ceiling, painted with matte paint.

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