The predictions of Paul Globa 2018

Given the difficult geopolitical situation on the planet, a significant deterioration in diplomatic relations between countries, endless local conflicts, poor ecology and natural disasters, the inhabitants of the Earth are anxiously looking to the future. Wanting to know what awaits the world tomorrow, many people are increasingly listening to the predictions of psychics. Pavel Globa’s predictions for 2018, promising events that could be imagined solely in science fiction novels, also open up the veil of the future secrets.

The predictions of Paul Globa


Peace or war?

The predictions of Paul Globa

According to Pavel Globa, the situation in the world will continue to deteriorate. Especially, the situation is heated in the Middle East and in the countries of the European Union. The economic power of this geopolitical union will be shaken and many European powers will want to get out of it. This situation will significantly affect the euro and the dollar, which, in turn, will lead to the destabilization of the entire global financial system. As for Russia, the United States and Europe will extend economic sanctions against it.However, some countries will take the opposite position and re-establish mutually beneficial cooperation with our country. Constructive internal processes and competent Kremlin foreign policy will allow Russia to strengthen its position on the world stage.

A “reset” will also occur in relations with America. In 2018, the Washington administration will reduce the level of expansion to the East and focus on solving its own internal economic issues. However, far from all residents of America will support the updated political strategy of the head of state. Many Americans will continue to see Russia and China as the main threat to world democracy. Society in the country will be divided into two opposing camps, which will inevitably entail outbreaks of popular protests and armed clashes.

In connection with the new policy of Trump and a significant reduction in funding for NATO, there will be no war with Russia and China. But at the same time, the military conflict in the Middle East will not end. The terrorist organization Islamic state will continue to aggravate the situation in Syria. According to the astrologer, the war in this region will last until 2020.

Pavel Globa about the future of Russia

Pavel Globa predictions for 2018 for Russia, Ukraine and the world

According to Globa’s forecasts, in 2018 the economic situation in Russia will gradually begin to improve, and by the end of 2020 the country's financial and economic situation will fully stabilize. An astrologer associates a difficult time in the history of the Russian Federation with the “opposition” of Uranus and Saturn. But the rapprochement of these planets with Jupiter in the degree of Aquarius will bring Russia a long-awaited period of peace and prosperity. It was in 2018 that our country has every chance to take a leading place in the world.

However, there is not very good news. In the coming year, nature will not be too supportive of people. In Siberia, Pavel Globa predicts large forest fires, and in other regions of the country - heavy torrential rains that will flood many cities.

In addition, Globa literally mentioned that in 2018 in Russia, the issue of national security will be of particular relevance. He stressed that maximum attention should be paid to the security of the following objects:

  1. nuclear power plants;
  2. chemical industry;
  3. major cities and cities;
  4. places of mass gathering of people (in particular, concert venues and stadiums).

Forecasts for Ukraine

Pavel Globa predictions for 2018 for Russia, Ukraine and the world

The Russian astrologer has already predicted the events of 2004 and 2014 in Ukraine, so his predictions for 2018 are particularly relevant for those who are not indifferent to the fate of the Ukrainian people.

Unfortunately, for the neighboring state, Pavel Globa predicts not very bright times. According to him, next year the danger of a split in the country and the whole society, as a whole, will increase. According to his assumptions, it will be divided into the Western, Eastern and Southern regions. The last two, most likely, will follow the example of the Crimea and will be part of the Russian Federation. A more difficult situation will develop in Galicia. In this part of the country autonomy can be formed, which already today are claimed by such European states as:

  • Poland;
  • Hungary;
  • Romania;
  • Slovakia.

As for the central regions, they are awaited by new upheavals: economic decline and mass popular protests that could escalate into the third “Maidan”. As a result, a government will be elected that will establish a constructive diplomatic dialogue with Russia and “launch” a mechanism of socio-economic reforms that will lead the country to peace, as well as to internal and external political stability.

Summing up the predictions of Pavel Globa, it can be noted that the situation in the world continues to be rather shaky and unpredictable. The only thing that will help mankind to avoid a catastrophe of universal scale is the unification of joint efforts in the search for a rational solution to conflict situations in order to preserve peace and life on the planet.

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