The poorest country - the statistics

According to the latest statistics,Belarus, as well as Moldova, is recognized as the poorest country in Europe. Most residents of these regions receive no more than two thousand euros per year. While in Liechtenstein or in Switzerland a person can earn up to 60 thousand euros a year. Serious financial difficulties faced Serbia, which still can not overcome the post-crisis period. In this regard, the average salary is about three thousand euros. The poorest country in the EU - Bulgaria, here a person receives no more than 2800 euros per year.

the poorest country

Also I would like to mention the Republic of Haiti withthe population of about 10 million people. Since it was in the past a colony of the French, the state until now is French. In combination, it is the poorest country on the American continent. The population of Haiti is constantly suffering from natural disasters and mass epidemics. For example, from large hurricanes, in 2004 alone, more than two thousand people died, and in 2010 there was an earthquake that claimed 200,000 lives. In addition, often there are various civil wars or bloody rallies.

the poorest country in the world

If we talk about which is the poorest country inworld scale, then undoubtedly the leading position is occupied by the so-called third world countries. It's no secret that the conditions for living in Africa are far from comfortable.

So, according to data for 2013, the poorest countryin the world - Congo. This is due to a large-scale bloody war, which killed several million people. Of the eight countries that participated in this battle, it was she who suffered most. According to some estimates, about six million people died in this region. Such strife led to the destruction of all economic relations and the complete collapse of a shaky economic system. Unfortunately, for today it is not necessary to speak about improvement of a condition of a financial sphere, after all epidemics and other misfortunes continue to attack the country.

the poorest country in the world

Despite the fact that Liberia is in second placeon the poverty of the population, one can hope for a change in this situation for the better. This is a striking difference between this country and the Congo, because the government of Liberia is actively trying to introduce the US state system. However, the terrible war, in which more than 15,000 small children were killed, severely undermined the state's economy, so it's still too early to talk about full restoration.

Some experts believe that the poorestcountry of peace - Zimbabwe. And this is strange enough, because in the territory of this state are located the most beautiful waterfalls of the continent and one of the most picturesque places on the planet. This could become the basis for the successful development of the tourism business, and therefore, the improvement of the economy. However, the main cause of poverty and neglect in Zimbabwe is the active spread of deadly diseases, especially those sexually transmitted. The average life expectancy is 35 years - a terrible indicator for the modern world.

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