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The path that you can go in one life

The process of human development is natural. If one removes subjectivity (as far as possible) in thinking about whether there is development or not, then any movement can be called development, even movement to the bottom aggravates internal conflicts, discovers borders in a person, clearly highlights the proximity of some borders and the distance of others. Among the apostles of Jesus and in his entourage were just such: tax collectors, despised by the whole society of Israel, fishermen standing on the last steps of this society, according to the scriptures (I do not claim from myself) in relation to the existing patterns of society, strata. They were the ones who posed the main question of their development: “Who am I?”

Where does this question come from? Who, what part of a person sets it?

Man, as, acting in time according to his own understanding, a being, even in its limited state of mind, is very diverse, heterogeneous, sometimes intra-divided.Not even science, but an entire industry in the modern world of a person works and develops to determine the diversity and diversity of the psyche psyche, to correct its activity, the course of its life in time, into the desired direction for the customer.

In Buddhism, they talk about the three worlds of human activity: the world of forms, the world of desires, the world of bezform (is there an analogy of Vedic sources?). That same soul, as the object of study and the impact of the industry, is to a greater degree juxtaposed with the World of Desires. In essence, this is a world of relations of forms, in which the patterns and stereotypes of the person himself, with which he often not only connects himself, but also associates, are also relations, subjects of this World of desires, relations between forms, between relations, etc.

Thus, in their overwhelming majority, a person does not live a real life, understanding the meaning of what is happening, the perfection of forms, working on the perfection of meanings and forms, but, in accordance with the rules, stereotypes, somewhere formed by themselves, somewhere imposed, where something invented by yourself. Psychology, again, in most cases, solves the problem of “repairing” the internal, individual stereotype with its conclusion on the rails of global relations, global generally accepted patterns.Imagine the situation of cannibals, when, as a result of mental disorder, a member of such a society lost his appetite for their fellows? The psychologist of cannibals by the same methods and techniques as in a “civilized” society returns him to the generally accepted patterns ...

It means that the matter is not at all in psychology, it is not able to indicate the path of development, to help a person on the path itself. And the space of relations, relations of relations, which we often identify with ourselves, is not us. We stared at them, we were dragged down by the details, the details that formed in the patterns lured our self, and it began to identify itself with the details of the relationship of the patterns, and, wrapping itself in common patterns, began to build itself. And so, to the question of who you are, who you want to become, the pattern answers: “I am a loser / successor in a certain sphere (pattern). I want to be successful. I want to become a specialist, a boss, a scientist, a businessman (all with defining epithets ...). ”Psychology, its sessions and technologies, courses, trainings for achieving success teach this answer. Where, what, why success? Of course, in templates, not in themselves. What you need to answer, you ask? You will answer this question yourself and only yourself.No courses, trainings, sessions will answer for you. The answer comes as you grow it, getting to the bottom of it, not sparing yourself and your ego. At some point, your ego will understand where such work can lead and begin to desperately resist. Why?

Let us return to those three worlds. Where is the person in them? Yes, these three worlds are Man himself! And, only who has a working mind, who has a mind, who has a consciousness, how the concentration of the conscious mindfulness of the infinite consciousness that gives birth to a person, depending on how it is expressed for a particular level of human development, determines his awareness, or how the game to the role of the “head” of one of the patterns of the world of desires, or, as a person unlimited by nothing.

Based on this, we can evaluate the effectiveness of the development practices that a person applies in his life. From what position he does it, so is the path of its development, so is the result.

From the experience of history known to us, the path of self-development, passing through its mass through religion, provided for a rejection of the “worldly”. No, not simply from material goods, but from selfishness.If we carefully study the practices of the first steps and not only of new history, but also from ancient sources, then they all contain the postulates of rejection of selfishness, self-interest, pride. And, returning to the new religions, one can say, pride is among the most important sins of man. Why? Everything is very simple ... Pride, its accompanying ignorance, self-interest, have become an insurmountable obstacle to understanding the path, and therefore the development of any path of development. For there is no other development besides spiritual and development of awareness.

Experience and common sense showed people who possess them, the existing limitations of the abilities and capabilities of a person who has reached the limits of their capabilities in their present. Technological efforts only decorate the fence of limitations, and new tools that expand the limitations create new, more sophisticated ones. The space of humanity in the generally accepted pattern has exhausted itself.

But what about yoga, other bodily practices, raw foods, lack of anything, veganism? Do they remove developmental limitations? Of course, they are useful. But the improvement of materials and shipping properties of the ship to him to anything in the absence of the engine and the anti-corrosion of these materials.Meditation is also a tool. Moreover, today it is a fashionable exercise, the name of which is applied to any activity: thoughtfulness, development of figurativeness, tranquility, relaxation ... What do we want to achieve with bodily practices, practices limited to the body in a limited world, remaining with a limited consciousness? Rather, what can? I happened to see practitioners of 15 years of yoga (apparently, with complex names and great schools), who in the classroom of the practice of mindfulness associated with the awareness of their consciousness (that's what a tautology!), To put it mildly, showed not the best results, but compared to people working with their awareness, none at all. What is the matter? In my grumbling and trying to say that my practices are better?)) Of course not. Once again, read the previous paragraph carefully. It follows a simple conclusion: it is necessary to deal with your consciousness, way of thinking, with the physiology of the bodily basis of your rationality, before you take the path of your development. But here, too, an unknown sea awaits us with shoals, icebergs and reefs. Where to go? What to study? Philosophy, psychology,medicine? Many scientists (as they call the most studied people today) say: “Yes! Hundreds of thinkers have already thought about you, disassembled your consciousness into small screws, they know and will tell you how to think what consciousness is, what it consists of ... ”And I will tell you, of course, yes! Study the treasures accumulated by human thought, but only perceive what responds to you, what becomes yours, not what dear scientists say, just because they are respected, not what is written in smart books, just because books are clever or ancient and sacred. After all, in the end, we study ourselves, our consciousness, our way of thinking, ourselves, as a person. We are not only interested in, but our experience of studying ourselves is the only one acceptable, and only it is valuable, and only it will remain with us, because this experience is us. This is the main principle of knowing oneself, there is no other. Even cognizing others, someone else's experience, absorbing not our knowledge, we always try on, let it through us. At least, it should be so, otherwise, having armed ourselves thoughtlessly not with our knowledge and experience, we will easily change them to others that are most appropriate at the moment. A sort of wandering forward, playing for all the teams, for the judges, for each and every fan, depending on the circumstances. And this is not the road, not the way ...

So, the first step on the path of its development is the knowledge of oneself, one’s own consciousness, the development of the physiology of the bodily basis of consciousness, simultaneously with its study. Believe me, even in this first step you will be able to remove from yourself as many limitations of your abilities and abilities as you have not yet discovered in your entire life, being engaged in bodily and emotional practices!

To know oneself here and now, such as it is, and even in its disinterestedness, unselfishness and the absence of pride is not an easy task. And it’s not the difficulty or long-term nature of various practices. After all, the practice can be simple, but stubborn thinking and self-discipline. The fact is that the results may surprise you, they may not please, they may scare you (I meant it, saying that “at some point your ego will understand where such work can lead and will begin to desperately resist”). You can’t even imagine how much you can now and immediately, just by removing from your consciousness the veil of patterns and stereotypes that captured him. And if your consciousness is given the opportunity to take advantage of the revealed fullness of the abilities of your brain! ..

And further.No need to chase miracles, supernormal, do not make them an end in themselves. This is another pattern, another cap, which we mistakenly put on our heads, closing on the vision and awareness of ourselves, and therefore on the perfection of the world around us. All this and more than you can imagine and think now will come by itself.

Presumably, Clarity is much more than clairvoyance or clear knowledge! ..

So we came to the definition of what awaits us ahead, or rather, that we have long been in us, but we still do not know. So, our goal is Clarity, achieved on the path of development of consciousness, then consciousness and body, and in general, the achievement of an unlimited volume of the soul. Summary of the way. The path that you can go in one life.

It now remains to determine who you are and who you want to become.

I am a man and I want to become a man!

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