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The oldest method of treatment

Sometime in early childhood, I suffered from scoliosis. I was treated for a long time and inconsolably, mother worried, but the results were not particularly. Someone suggested mom complex acupuncture treatment. I remember that I was terribly afraid and did not like this procedure, yes and needles in general, but now I understand how I benefited it.

The acupuncture technique is to be inserted under the skin. thin metal needles. This manipulation is performed by a specialist doctor manually. or using an electrical apparatus.
Acupuncture is one of the oldest methods based on knowledge of the structure. the human body, the location of the local nerve centers that have The corresponding points on the human body are acupuncture points. Acupuncture used to relieve pain and is often considered an alternative to traditional treatment of chronic respiratory and eye diseases, and also eliminate drug addiction.         One of the tenets of ancient Chinese medicine is the teaching of life energy that passes through certain channels of the body, the so-called meridians. Through these channels, vital energy or Ki energy passes through various organs of the body and ensures their normal operation. Each such channel, by which passes the energy of Ki, is connected to the external system of organs

At violation of the uniform income Ki or termination of energy a disease develops. In the system of meridians passing through the human body has over 1000 acupuncture points, acting on which can improve the flow of energy Ki.         Acupuncture helps to determine the clogging of the meridian and eliminate it. Acupuncture restores the normal flow of energy by acting on certain points, located under the skin.By tradition, very thin and sharp needles are used for acupuncture, which are inserted under the skin at certain anatomical points. To stimulate and restoring the balance of movement of energy in the body applies pressure.

Acupuncture is widely used to treat many diseases, however, acupuncture is especially common for pain relief. Acupuncture helps eliminate joint pain, muscle aches, relieve migraine and even recurrent pain in women. This technique is also used to treat sinusitis, hay fever, mucous colitis and nausea.

In the end I will say that this technique is old as the world, but not worth "headlong" rush to heal yourself. Check the doctor review his licenses and certificates, be sure one hundred percent in person which affects the nerve endings and hypersensitive points on your tele. Remember: everything is good in moderation and of course with knowledge of measure! Be healthy!

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