The most famous doctors of Russia

They completely dedicated their lives to their struggle for the health of their neighbors, science, and development. Famous Russian doctors saved many lives and eased the sufferings of patients. Who are these great Russian doctors?

Russian doctors who changed medicine. Nikolai Pirogov

The first atlas of topographic anatomy was createdit is this eminent person. Pirogov is considered the founder of anesthesia, the founder of military field surgery. He also developed the latest surgical operations and a number of techniques. Since Pirogov in the surgery began to widely use ethereal anesthesia, he also proposed a rectal method of anesthesia. Particularly widely began to use anesthesia in military field hospitals during the Crimean War. This helped alleviate the suffering of hundreds of wounded. Nikolai Ivanovich first proposed using plaster. Prior to this, starch dressings were used that soaked from pus and blood and lost fixing properties.

famous doctors of Russia achieve

During the war Pirogov was asked to divideall wounded in four categories. Nurses and priests helped the deadly patients. The doctor was engaged in the first place seriously wounded, who demanded immediate assistance. Who did not need an urgent operation was sent to the rear. Feldshers were engaged in the short-cut, those who were soon able to return to the system. To prevent the spread of infections, Pirogov separated patients with clean wounds from those who started gangrene.

All his life, Nikolai Ivanovich advocated the opening of new Sunday schools, demanding the repeal of corporal punishment in gymnasiums.

Sergey Botkin

Famous Russian doctors made a significant contribution to thedevelopment of domestic medicine. In the XIX century, one of these doctors was Sergei Petrovich Botkin. He graduated from Moscow University, participated in the Crimean War, saved the lives of the wounded in the Simferopol hospital. He worked in foreign clinics in England, Germany, France.

Botkin was one of the first to initiate the organization of women's medical education. He founded medical courses for women and a school of paramedics.

On his initiative in 1860 in Russia wasopenly the Epidemiological Society, which successfully began to fight the spread of infectious diseases. Such diseases as cholera, plague, scarlet fever, diphtheria, smallpox were carefully studied. As part of the research, the causes of hepatitis A (jaundice) were identified. Since then, the disease has been called Botkin.

Thanks to Sergei Petrovich, the poorattention, the doctors began receiving, visiting at home and providing the necessary medications. Soon the first ambulance appeared in Russia. In 1881 the first free hospital was opened.

The most famous doctors of Russia were the disciples of Botkin, this is AA Nechaev, N. Ya. Chistovich, MV Yanovskii, IP Pavlov, TP Pavlov, AG Polotebnov, NP Simanovsky .

Nikolay Sklifosovsky

Russian professor, the founder of cavitary surgery. His name now wears the Moscow Institute of First Aid.

Today it is difficult to imagine medicine without asepsisand antiseptics. The study of decontamination allowed to step widely in medicine and safely carry out operations on cavities - liver, gall bladder, thyroid gland, urogenital system. During his lifetime Sklifosovsky wrote more than seventy works on surgery, asepsis.

famous doctors of Russia and their achievements

As a follower of Pirogov, he introduced a hugecontribution to the development of anesthesia. Prior to it during the operation, anesthesia was given only for a short time. The scientist developed an apparatus that maintained anesthesia throughout the operation. For the first time Sklifosovsky was anesthetized with a solution of cocaine.

During the wars of the Russian-Turkish, Franco-Prussian, Austro-Prussian worked as a surgeon, he saved hundreds of wounded.

Ivan Pavlov

Famous doctors of Russia, whose achievements are known all over the world, are the pride of our medicine.

Ivan Pavlov became the first Nobel laureate inRussia. He received the prize in 1904 for researching the functions of the digestive glands. His work began with a study of the circulatory system and heart, but later devoted his works to digestion. The experiments carried out on the dogs made it possible to uncover the secrets of gastric secretion and to obtain further pure gastric juice. The reaction to external stimuli led the scientist to new discoveries, Pavlov divided all the reflexes into congenital and acquired, conditional and unconditioned, he studied the problems of sleep. The science of higher nervous activity rests on these all these discoveries.

famous women doctors of russia

Vladimir Vinogradov

Activity of his Vladimir Vinogradov began withstudying the problems of sepsis, early diagnosis of tuberculosis, cancer. Later his research expanded. Now his name is associated with the use in medicine of methods of examination - bronchoscopy and gastroscopy, radioisotope diagnosis of thyroid problems. Undeniable contribution of the academician in the field of cardiology, treatment of myocardial infarction. In 1961, on the initiative of Vinogradov, the first department was opened for patients with myocardial infarction.

For the first time, the practice of sensing with the introduction of radiopaque substances began to be used. The most famous Russian doctors dealing with cardiological problems have adopted this method.

Famous Russian doctors of the 21st century

Famous names are heard by everyone who rotates in themedicine. Many modern eminent personalities, of course, began their careers back in the last century. Now they can be called the best doctors of the new millennium. Let's name only some of the loudest names.

famous doctors of Russia in the 21st century

Svyatoslav Fyodorov

Microsurgery of the eye. His developments and achievements completely turned the world's ophthalmology. Back in 1962, Fedorov created an artificial lens-lens Fedorov-Zakharov, so far, he has no equal. In 1973, the first operation of glaucoma was carried out at an early stage. This method is now used by all world clinics. One of the first in the world, Fedorov began to implant an artificial cornea of ​​the eye.

Leonid Bokeria

A cardiosurgeon with a worldwide reputation. Despite his venerable age, he still works and conducted more than two thousand open heart operations. He developed computer techniques for modeling the diagnosis of circulatory system pathologies. Bokeria created devices for remote operation control. A lot of new methods that saved lives for hundreds of people. Famous Russian doctors and their achievements have always placed our country in the leading position on medical development.

ATAlery Shumakoat

The first Soviet doctor, who fulfilled in 1965a kidney transplant, and in 1988 - a heart transplant. He also began to practice a two-stage heart muscle transplant. In 1995, the "Guide to Transplantology" was published. Not only a doctor, but also an excellent pedagogue, produced 50 doctors and 120 candidates of medical sciences.

Famous female doctors of Russia

If we talk about the most famous women doctors of the world level, then, of course, we can not forget about our Russian doctors.

Natalia Bekhtereva

During his life he was awarded a lot of titles and mostdifferent awards in the field of medicine. The main research is the brain area in the norm and pathology. For the first time, the method of implanting electrodes in the brain was applied not only for diagnostic purposes, but also for therapeutic purposes. Under the direction of Bekhtereva, a new branch of neurosurgery and neurology was created.

famous doctors of Russia

Grunya Sukhareva

Leading psychiatrist of the USSR. She wrote many works, carried out a lot of research in the field of studying mental disorders, schizophrenia. Has organized many institutions for children and adolescents with mental disabilities. For many years she was the head of the hospital. Kashchenko.

The very first female doctors of Russia - N. P. Suslov, M. A. Bokova-Sechenov, V. A. Kashevarov-Rudnev.

Children's doctors

The most famous children's doctors in Russia also contributed to the development of medicine.

Leonid Roshal

Soviet, Russian children's doctor. He is famous for being always in the hottest spots, where his help and support are especially needed. The head of the International Fund for Children. Has a huge number of Russian and international awards for saving children in emergency situations.

famous children's doctors of Russia

Leila Namazova-Baranova

Director of the Research Institute of Pediatrics. Author of 550 scientific works. He persistently tries to inform the population about the need for timely vaccination. In all interviews and speeches, he promotes the importance of vaccinations, starting from childhood.

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